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Interested in chartering in Turkey?

Turkey’s rising popularity as a boating and yachting destination

The beautiful Turkish coast better known as the “Turquoise” one can be discovered from million different angles, but the one that stands among the best is the view from the angle of the sea.

The greatly settled coast of Turkey and the numerous anchorages, fanciful marinas and lots of high starred resorts offered at most of the popular Turkish tourist’s spots seem to gain lots of popularity among sailors, as well. This alone should be a good reason why considering Turkey as your sailing spot is a great idea.

Being one of the top destinations at Book2Sail, the yachts and boats available for chartering are numerous and offer a great commodity and ultimate safety for the duration of your sailing.

Yacht charter in Turkey for a boundless sailing experience

Choosing Book2Sail as a starting point for your yacht charter Turkey has many advantages, one of which is the user-friendly engine that helps you find the most suitable yacht for your upcoming trip.
The always available customer service team is yours to help you on any matter regarding your Turkish sailing vacation. When speaking about discovering Turkey on the deck of a luxurious yacht – the definitive condition on which depends the choice of the yacht can be the budget. However, when comparing the facilities our yachts offer with the ones of the luxurious resorts with the added flexibility of hopping on and off the Turkish spots worth visiting – the decision is pretty easy.

The number of power yachts available on our site can satisfy even the most sophisticated characters. The Joey Joey yacht that is available for chartering from the port of Bodrum is an excellent mix of a high-speed motor yacht and a great comfort with the facilities any sailor can dream of.

yacht charter bodrum

Once you’ve chosen the motor yacht and confirmed the dates of your trip – it’s time to start making your sailing itinerary starting from Bodrum.
The one definite spot set only a few nautical miles from the touristy Bodrum is the island of Karada. What you can expect here are the clearest turquoise waters, idyllic churches with lots of influence from the Greek religion and culture and the warmth of the Turkish locals. The huge island lying just across the city of Bodrum will welcome you with a unique experience of swimming in the hot springs found at the biggest sea cave.

As a sailor, you would probably be worried about the weather conditions in Turkey. This time – you can be totally peaceful, as the calm winds and the hot weather are everything you and your group of friends can wish for while yachting in Turkey.

With so many anchorages to stop by and take a part of your day wandering and discovering the mix of the Turkish and the Greek culture in this region, bearing in mind the Hisaronu Gulf is one of the important things you should consider while creating your sailing trip. A few-hour swimming at some Hisaronu Bay will totally restore your energy and prepare you for a full enjoyment for the rest of your sailing holiday.

Boat rental in Turkey via Book2Sail

Check out the great catamaran options

For an ultimate freedom while sailing around the Turquoise coast, choosing a catamaran is a logical decision that most sailors make. The countless catamarans available at our site are available at the most affordable prices on the market, so choosing one can only bring a totally positive mood for your upcoming trip without getting worried about the budget.

One of the most popular catamarans – the Lagoon 380 is a fully-equipped vessel containing everything you will need for the duration of your holiday in Turkey.

Starting from the Fethiye – Mugla region in Turkey, chartering this catamaran opens up a whole sea of possibilities and lots of close-up spots worth visiting. The Fethiye port – along with the town made of plentiful of villages creating an iconic picture and a stunning architecture is most definitely worth seeing before you set sail to discover the array of beauties of Turkey.

Similarly, choosing the Leopard 38 catamaran will allow you the luxury of some lush yacht set all in one catamaran. With all the amenities, a sailor could wish for, starting your sailing on the Leopard boat takes you from the magical Fethiye to whatever you want. Booking an Athena 38 catamaran is an excellent choice, as well.

athena 38 catamaran

If you are not confident enough for sailing bareboat, choosing an optional captain for any catamaran you choose when sailing in Turkey is a great way to spend this trip in a carefree manner.

Setting up your sailing itinerary right after chartering helps you spend a quality time in the Turquoise coast and get to discover as many places as possible even at a limited period of time.

It’s no wonder why the region of Fethiye comes as the first choice of newbie sailors – as well as the experienced ones. Once you get there you will become aware of the fact that the list of places to see in this area is numerous. If you wished for an authentic sailing trip, away from the affection of the Greek influence that is often found at the Turkish sailing spots – going east from Kos and north from the island of Rhodos opens a whole new array of perspectives and an ultimate touch of the Turkish culture that is breathing out of the pores in the region of Fethiye.
After the must-do visit of the Lycian tombs as well as the Amynta tombs, take your time to stop by and prepare your camera for a wonderful panoramic view of the bay of the Fethiye that surrounds the marina in an idyllic way.

If you fan some time spent relaxing on the beach, once again – this region is the right choice. Looking at beaches of Boncuklu, Kuleli and Aksazlar that are so secluded that you will feel like you and the sea are the only things that exist – is a must.

Once you got enough from the sun and the magical turquoise waters and decide to go on sailing, the next logical direction is the Icmeler town. Sailing to Icmeler will open a perfect illustration of pine forests and a contrast with all shades of turquoise in the sea. Although this town can be crowded during the peak of the summer, finding a way to go beyond the fuss is totally achievable. Anchoring at the popular port of Icmeler and taking your time to hike the hills for a great photographic session is one way to do it. The traditional restaurants set at some small secluded streets of the city will offer you the best Turkish specialties along with a tasty delight, all served at reasonable prices and a great Turkish hospitability that will make you feel better than home.

Sail boat rental for a carefree sailing trip

If you decided to spend the delightful Turkish moments on a sail boat, the rest of the planning part is easy. With so many choices available on our website – each sailor can find a boat that fully meets his needs and the taste of his crew.
Looking at the Sun Odyssey 42i – one build in a sophisticated manner will offer you a spacious indoor space along with 3 cabins and 2 head compartments and a full technical equipment for an ultimate comfort onboard.

Choosing the Compromis 34 class is one more excellent choice that offers a fully-equipped indoor space that once you get on – you will call it your home in Turkey. Choosing the Bavaria 44 or the Oceanis Clipper 473 sailboats will offer you the commodity and the stability you are looking for an impeccable Turquoise trip.

oceanis 473

Choosing to start your sailing from the heart of the popular Marmaris region is made possible by picking our Archambault 35 cruiser.
This powerful boat designed for sailors whose priority is a speedy and stable trip. Apart from being used as a racing vessel, this powerful choice will offer you the ultimate experience of getting to discover Turkey and it’s best.

Before you start your trip on this sail boat from the Marmaris area, exploring the coastal town that has lately grown into a true tourist attraction is something you don’t want to miss. The wonderful promenade areas and villages that surround the town of Marmaris are simply mind-blowing.
If you are among those sailors that appreciate history – this place has a lot of it.  The wonderful beaches, beautiful coves and high-class restaurants combined with the beautiful view of the sea make Marmaris a great way to start and end your holiday.

The freedom of owning a yacht or a boat for your Turkish holiday has many more advantages than you thought.

Many of the best-known beaches don’t have road access, so exploring them will be a unique occasion you will love taking advantage of. One of the beaches set at the heart of Marmaris is an excellent pre-sailing activity many sailors choose: the wonderful white sanded Uzunyaly beach or better known as the Long Beach that is over 10 kilometers long is a true attraction among tourists from all over the world.

yacht charter bodrum

Combining a sailing trip to the nearby villages is a great sightseeing activity perfect for a whole day exploration and an ultimate admiring of the idyllic villages set all around this region.

On the other hand, a short boating trip to the Sedir Cedrae famously known as the Cleopatra Island is another amazing spot that offers the most wonderful golden-sanded beach and lots of ancient leftovers worth discovering.
At only 19 nautical miles east of Marmaris you can find the wonderful bay of Ekincik. If you choose a smaller vessel, a trip along the Dalyan river will open a whole new set of exploration sites such as the ancient city of Caunos overlooking the Lycian tombs on the hills.

Stopping for a few hours and visiting some of the tranquil traditional restaurants set by the river is a great way to taste some traditional Turkish food, some of which is uniquely prepared in this region only. No matter what your preferences are and whether you choose an active sailing full of fun activities such as diving or fishing – Turkey has it all.
By picking the right boat or a luxurious yacht that will make your family and the rest of the crew fully content from the start till the end of the trip – the wonderful Turkish journey will be something you would want to do at least once again in your lifetime.

turkey book2sail

The reason why Turkey is among the top of our sailing destinations, as well as the worldly known places of interest,  has innumerable reasons. The perfect mix of the richest culture, the striking charm of the sea and the charming coastline, the tons of history that date back from the ancient times till recent history are just to name a few.

Just in case you thought nightlife is not an asset of this destination – the sparkling night clubs and the whole night long parties organized at the numerous beach bars are here to prove you wrong. If having any doubts about the vessel to choose and the length of your trip in accordance to your budget, feel free to check this out with our experienced online team and make the perfect choice for you and your company. The sailing season in Turkey is coming a lot sooner than you thought, so it’s never too early to book your yacht or the boat of your dreams and make your fantasy come true.

turkey with book2sail

Once you finish the booking part in some few simple steps, it’s time to start preparing your mood for the sheer beauties of Turkey, the vibrancy of the villages, islands, hidden bays and the beauty of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea – whichever you choose to go sailing.

Wishing you an unforgettable sailing journey!