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Interested in chartering in Greece?

Picking Greece as a top sailing destination

Our list of top sailing destinations includes the sunny and appealing Greece – a destination we picked for a reason.

If you are in search for a unique idea for your next holiday under the Mediterranean sun – yacht charter, or if you prefer – a boat rental in one of the many Greek destinations is the answer you are looking for. Greece and its coast along with the countless archipelagos and beautiful islands are just made for sailing.
No matter which part of Greece you want to explore, boat rental from Book2Sail is the best option available at only a few simple steps from the commodity of your home.

Rent a boat and explore the infinite Greek beauties

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The search for a perfect boat that combines all the necessary amenities along with a powerful engine and enough space for all your friends that you plan sailing with can be a great challenge. However, the simple, reliable and budget-friendly search engine we created to meet your requirements will cut the search and help you choose the boat on which you will spend some incredible Greek moments.

For example, the Beneteau Oceanis sailboat that comes with an optional skipper will be a great start for your holiday in Greece from the beautiful capital of Athens. An equally excellent choice worth bearing in mind at is the Dromor Discovery Plus – a beautifully lined sailboat that comes with the inside comfort you were dreaming of.

Choosing one of these boats has numerous reasons and the most important one is the proximity of the wonderful Cyclades island. The marvellous archipelago set southeast from the capital of Greece, Athens – is everything a sailor could wish for.

yacht charter greece

An initial exploration of the wonderful island of Poros and going onto exploring the Kea Island is easily achievable once you’ve booked your desirable sailboat. A tip that any local would give you is to escape this island during the weekends as it can be crowded and choose the other days during the week to enjoy this marvellous Greek setting that will introduce to you a typical Greek atmosphere along with great tavernas to choose from and try some great local specialities.

Navigating from Athens to the Island of Vathi is a totally chilled experience – if you need to calm your body and mind with the magical surrounding of the Aegean Sea and some scenic views of the tranquil setting on the island.

Boating to the island of Kithos – set south of the Kea island, as well as the Seriphose island is a wonderful way to take a close-up look at the enormous bays with many anchorage points available for you to anchor and freely spend the day enjoying the sun, the sand, and the clearest blue sea.

If you admire some cliffy areas surrounded by hot springs and volcanos – then consider taking a sailing trip to the Milos Island. The valuable history along with the cheering landscapes are a perfect stop for any sailor. The last island of the group – the Ios Island full of sandy beaches can be a perfect ending point of your sailing voyage to the islands known as the Cyclades. Another option worth considering is the sailboats Dromor Discovery Plus starting from the south of Athens may be an even more suitable option if you wish to experience sailing at the Cyclades Islands or taking a totally different sailing route –depending solely on your wishes.

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Choosing a boat such as the Moody 33.6 or the Bavaria 34 – both available at our site for the best prices on the market can take you to an experience that involves the amazing island of Corfu.

A sailing hub that can last from few days until few weeks – all depending on your time available is an excellent chance to meet and explore the best of the island Corfu. This worldly-famous destination among tourists and especially seamen remains unspoiled in its nature and offers an option to go off the beaten track. The superb scenery, the open Ionian Sea and the ancient sites worth exploring are just a few of the countless reasons why choosing Corfu is an excellent choice for anyone.

A short trip on a boat or a yacht will allow you to explore the untouched islands of Paxi and Antipaxi – two of the nearest islets around Corfu that are just amazing for a day trip and a full relaxation time at the marvellous sandy beaches and the clearest turquoise water found around Greece.

Yacht charter in Greece from Book2Sail

If you ask an experienced sailor about the experience of yachting, the most probable answer would be: unimaginably good. This should be a reason good enough for you to imagine a sailing tour in Greece spent at a comfy yacht surrounded by all the necessities and a captain that will lead you through your trip while all that is left up to you is to enjoy the Greek vacation with all your senses.

Booking the Prestige 32 Fly yacht will be the place that will remind you of your amazing time spent at the islands of the Ionian Sea – including Lefkada, Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Ithaka.

yacht charter lefkada

Another great option is the economical and fast Cranchi Zaffiro 34 that offers a grand space that can suit your smaller group of friends. Designed for a long cruising – this power yacht charter offers you a full comfort and an outstanding reliability.

The Sea Ray 39 – the powerful engine that appears to be one of the most popular ones on our site offers a great accommodation for up to 14 people. If you plan on taking your journey to Greece with a larger group of friends – this excellently conditioned power yacht is everything you’ve dreamed of. Similarly, the M\Y Babosh option that is settled on the wonderful island of Kos can contribute to a memorable journey sailing at the Turkish side of Greece and explore the marvelous small island of Kos that despite its size offers the feeling of discovering beautiful sandy beaches and lots of traditional Greek culture along with excellent restaurants where you can enjoy the Greek cuisine.

No matter which one of these you decide for, the experience of sailing at one of the most desired world destinations will be irreplaceable.

Sailing in the western Mediterranean on a powerboat

When it comes to choosing a sailing start point, a great choice ideal for anyone is the island of Zakynthos, set at the last port on the western side of the Mediterranean. The calm winds and the 300 sunny days during the year make this destination a great choice for not that experienced sailors that don’t like risking some harsh weather conditions.
The ideal period of time for visiting this island and the spots that surround it is from May until the end of September.
No matter if you decided to go boating on a catamaran, a sail or a power boat or some exclusive yacht – Zakynthos is always a great decision.

The must-see spots in this area appear to be numerous caves, secluded beaches and the bays that are reachable by boat only. Our trustworthy website will make all these beauties reachable in only a few minutes.

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The number of activities created for the best sailing time everyone should experience at least once in the life in and around Zakynthos are plenty. However, one cruise you can’t afford to miss is the south of the island at the amazing Keri Caves. This wonderful photo shoot opportunity will be an excellent introduction to the even more amazing island of Marathonissi set nearby the Laganas Bay. This exotic island is totally uninhabited and a wonderful opportunity to spend a day swimming at the bluest crystal-clear waters. The benefits of owning a boat for your Zakynthos experience and stopping for whatever reason you find attractive and worth doing.
Once you are here in the area of Maraniss island – stopping by to spot the various turtles is a one-time experience you will cherish. The Island of turtles is proud of the protected turtle species Caretta-Caretta, and you as a sailor should be proud of having the unique chance of meeting these wonderful old inhabitants of this island.

Enjoying a scenic trip to the wonderful little Bohali village is a wonderful chance to take a look at the little exciting church and the seaside tavernas that are perfect for taking some time to enjoy a Greek dinner.

To make all these activities possible – choose one of our powerboats such as the KFR Rib – a fast high-speed power boat, seamless for a sailing around the islands of the Ionian islands. This powerboat is a perfect choice for a group of up to 12 people and it comes captained – so you don’t have to worry about the routes and the weather conditions and let yourself worry-free for a full enjoyment of the Greek ride.

Choose a catamaran for a safe sailing time in Greece

If you are looking to charter a powerful, fast boat that is easy to anchor and at the same time perfect for night-time parties for the whole crew for your upcoming Greek sailing vacation – the answer is a catamaran. Choosing one of our beautiful and reliable catamarans that can fulfil all your expectations without an exception will turn your vacation into a time to remember.

The most popular cats our customers choose for some impeccable Greek tours around the islands or a full enjoyment at coastal Greece are the Lagoon Beneteau 52 as well as the magical Nautitech Rochefort 47, both starting from Athens and provide an easy access to the marvellous nearby islands worth discovering.

Another smart choice when it comes to catamarans is the Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 that is anchored at the wonderful Alimos area of Athens.  Picking this catamaran and visiting the wonderful closest island of Salamina is an easy task that doesn’t require a lot of planning.

charter a catamaran greece

No matter the fact that this island is not even close to popular as the Mykonos, Zakynthos or Corfu, this doesn’t mean it lacks beauty and lots of history. Exploring this island even Exploring Salamina for a day, you will discover lots of authenticities, stunning beaches and the cheapest local tavernas where you can feel the true Greek spirit breathing out of the pores of the island.

Taking a time to explore some of the numerous coves set all around this island, such as the Iliakti beach cave is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the freedom of sailing and prepare for the following days spent in Greece.
Another must-see island from the Saronic group set all around Athens is the Aegina island, a great destination for boating or yachting. The wonderful Saronic Gulf and the town of Aegina, as well as the big village of Perdika, are perfect for a Greek escape full of wonderful surroundings to explore and numerous tavernas that will welcome you with an undeniable hospitability.

luxury catamaran greece

If you decide to sail the Ionian Islands, especially the perfect sailing destination for starters – the island of Corfu, an excellent choice would be the Salina 48 catamaran settled at the Gouvia port in the heart of Corfu. The many sanded beaches scattered around the port of Gouvia will offer you all kinds of water activities – depending on your wishes. Exploring the “urban” part of the island is also available at just few bus lines that are perfectly organized all around the island of Corfu. Taking your time to enjoy the olive and citrus trees spread all around the island or losing yourself among the green hills of this Greek island is all left up to your imagination.

Regardless of what part of Greece you decide to uncover at your next seafaring vacation – be prepared to meet lots of history, wonderful scenery, all shades of exceptional sea colours and a certain feeling of calmness that won’t leave you for the rest of the year.

Have a great sailing holiday!