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There can be no better sailing time full of fun and an endless list of activities to do than a sailing in Ibiza. People from all over the world are dreaming of a time in their lives when visiting the coves, calas and the dramatic coastline of Ibiza will become a dream come true.

ibiza west coast

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Going from the West coast of Ibiza where all those sheltered bays are set – to the beautiful coves and bays with idyllic sandy beaches set on the East side is a pure excitement especially when combined with the joy of sailing.
Our team at Book2Sail has struggled hard to match the tastes of the young and enthusiastic sailors to create a bunch of offers that will meet their needs. As Spain is one of our top destinations for sailing, the list of boats and yachts available for charter through our simple and user-friendly system is created with a full devotion for the boat and yacht lovers and goes in full favour for your upcoming trip to Ibiza.

Boat rental Ibiza – The heaven is waiting for you

Being one of the Balearic Islands – the beautiful Mediterranean archipelago in Spain, Ibiza is gaining attraction as a sailing spot more and more as years go by. The reason for this magnetism that Ibiza owns are the wonderful places to visit, especially on a boat.

Hire a boat in Ibiza and cruise over the calm waters and numerous calas spread all around the magnificent island is a true paradise for every sailor. When you consider to rent a boat Ibiza and visit as much of those splendid spots as possible – chartering a powerboat for a smooth sailing without caring about the weather conditions here seems like a perfect choice. Speaking of whether – the best time of year to boat charter Ibiza is anywhere from April until late October which makes this destination pretty favourable for a time spent on a boat.

powerboats ibiza

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Renting some of our carefully picked powerboats such as the Glastron 185 GTC for an unforgettable, fast and reliable trip over Ibiza is a great choice both for starters and the sailors that already visited this dreamy island but are eager to come back again. Same counts for the gorgeous Rinker 226 Captiva which can be chartered with an optional captain – for your ultimate relaxation time spent in Ibiza.

Going through the other options Book2Sail offers is a great plan, especially if you are having doubts between choosing a sailing boat, a catamaran or a power boat on which you will spend all those gorgeous moments in Ibiza. Boat charter Ibiza can be done pretty straightforward once you know the exact crew you are taking the trip with, the timing and the budget you are planning to spend on this special treat. Once you get this settled – all you need to do is few simple clicks and the boat you will call home for the whole Spanish holiday will be only yours.

Things to see and do when you boat charter Ibiza

Spending few weeks in Ibiza can be a time fulfilled with any type of activity that you could only wish for. The aquamarine waters and numerous beaches accessible only by boat or a yacht are a reason good enough to set sail in Ibiza.
Once you get there, you can’t miss visiting some of the world-known beach clubs that will add up to your unforgettable Spanish experience.
Chartering the gorgeous Chaparral SSI 204 power boat or some of our sailing boats such as the Bénéteau Oceanis 37 or the Bavaria 37 will easily take you to the Aiyanna beach club that screams with its charm and eclectic atmosphere set on the wonderful bay of Cala Nova.

charter a powerboat in Ibiza

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Spending some time there will be a great opportunity to taste some original Spanish food, tasty cocktails and lots of relaxation while you enjoy some of the events that are constantly organized during the summer season. If you are a fan of something more rural and intimate – set sail to the wonderful Amante beach club by chartering the wonderful and cosy Beneteau Lagoon 400 catamaran available for charter throughout the long Spanish sailing season. Taking some time to relax and visit the Sol d’en Serra Bay and enjoy the dramatic views while you gift yourself some round of sunbathing or dining at the wonderful seaside is a true paradise.

Chartering a power boat such as the Zodiac Medline 8.5, the most reliable and powerful boat on the list is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy a great time at the Playa d’en Bossa while you cut the time of the actual sailing because of the marvelous speed of this boat. Once you get there – things can get pretty exciting. Starting from the Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel which is picturesquely set at the mere seaside surrounded by the beauty of the sandy beach of Playa Bossa, and going to the Ushuaia Beach Club set in close proximity to the Hard Rock club is the greatest gift to all your senses, as the latter offers the perfect ambience filled with the best chill-out music in the area.

charter a powerboat in ibiza

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Boat rental Ibiza can become an even more exciting experience once you get to choose a sailing boat such as the Hanse Yachts 415, a great choice for the experienced sailors that wish to explore the beauties of Ibiza by going bareboat. This practical and easy to anchor sailing boat can take you to some even more exclusive beaches along with their stunning party beach bars in Ibiza. Enjoying some time spent at the Nikki Beach and the wonderful Santa Eulalia beach bar is a whole new dimension of experience. Set on the east coast of the island of Ibiza – this beach paradise offers a stunning look at the Mediterranean Sea and the best amenities found elsewhere.

If you are feeling a bit more adventuristic, then you should definitely sail up to the Surf Lounge Ibiza Club set at San Antonio and try some of the adrenaline-boosting activities such as trying the artificial wave system called the FlowRider and enjoy the sensations of surfing, snowboarding or skating.

port de sant miquel ibiza

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Anchoring your boat at the port of Sant Miquel will offer you the unique experience of exploring the gorgeous main beach that offers numerous amenities and wonderful views of the bays that surround it. Stopping by and taking a 3-minute walk from the left side of the port will take you to charming little Calo des Molton’s beach full of cheerful restaurants and a totally relaxing atmosphere. Before you go on sailing to explore the nearby area of Sant Miquel – take your time to enjoy the reasonably priced, yet adorable fresh seafood menus offered at almost every seaside restaurant for a true Spanish enjoyment.

Yacht charter Ibiza for the most exciting time exploring the Spanish paradise

ibiza coast

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If sailing in Ibiza on a boat can be called a dream come true for every sailor – than spending a holiday in Ibiza on a yacht is a totally unimaginable experience that will resemble pure happiness and the most unforgettable time in your life.

Taking a look at Book2Sail’s available options for yacht charter Ibiza will easily transform your search into the most pleasant experience that you will long cherish.
With numerous options available and so many yachts to choose from – there can be no taste left unsatisfied, no matter how sophisticated it is. Can you Imagine the adorable Spanish wine, the great company and the lovely vibes of Ibiza combined with the luxurious and perfectly designed look and feel of the Fairline Targa 48 power yacht? If you already did, you can start preparing yourself and your crew for a unique yachting experience at the vivacious Ibiza and the delightful time spent there.

The powerful and elegant yacht with that contains all amenities to make your trip as comfortable as it can be will be your home in Ibiza in just a few simple clicks. Whether you choose to charter this yacht skippered or not – the experience will be fully satisfying in all possible ways.

ibiza coast

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Another great choice you won’t regret making is the thrilling Monterey 355 power yacht available for you no matter the length of your vacation. Booking this yacht even for a day will totally transform your Spanish vacation and let you see Ibiza in a totally different light – a lot better than the already existing one. The yacht that offers a glossy design carefully done by a group of yacht enthusiasts along with the laid out accommodation space make it a great choice for your vacation in Spain.

Sailing on a yacht in the southwest part of Ibiza – the wonderful coastline that has many anchorages where you can simply stop at and enjoy the wonderful beaches around is a priceless experience.
Taking a look at the Cala Llentia is a great start to your yachting experience in Ibiza, as the beach itself is a totally unique experience mainly because it is quiet and not as crowded as the other touristy spots along the island. The next logical step from here would be the Cala Codolar beach as well as the Cala Conta  – the splendid one that looks million times better when seen from the deck of a deluxe yacht

Stopping by at the Atlantis beach – an absolutely off the beaten track experience will make you want to stay there forever, or at least extend your yachting time as much as possible.

Sailing in Ibiza – a lot more than beach and party time

sol-den-serra ibiza

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The usual first impression that people get when mentioning Ibiza is party, clubs, and beaches. As much as they seem attractive – putting some bit of diverse activities in your itinerary while sailing on a boat or a yacht in Ibiza will add a whole new form of your Spanish vacation.

The freedom of yacht charter Ibiza or a simple boat rental will allow you see more than you’ve ever imagined. A close-up look at the stunning architecture, beautiful old churches, lots of museums and a beautiful cathedral is something you just shouldn’t miss once you got yourself and your close ones to this magic island. Another exclusive site you should include in your vacation plan is definitely the Na Xamena locality – a gorgeous picturesque place that is set in the most northern part of the Island. Visiting the oldest hotel in Ibiza and enjoying a gorgeous afternoon and the perfect sunset will be one of your most cherished moments spent on this wonderful island.

Ibiza Restaurants

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The usual considerations of the experienced, as well as beginner-sailors, is the weather. Luckily, the winds in Ibiza are usually calm for the whole sailing season – a perfect and fully reliable aspect that makes Ibiza a perfect sailing destination. The perfect sea breeze and the thermal winds that blow during the summer will add up to your super-cosy atmosphere, no matter if you are taking your trip on a sailing boat or a motor vessel. Even if the winds go a bit harsh, which is pretty unlikely – the well-protected bays will give you an extra security while you are enjoying the clearest aquamarine waters made of pure hedonists. Once you get there – the feeling of freedom when you drop your anchor at any place that looks appropriate will offer you a totally relaxed and fully laid-back atmosphere of the best island among the Balearics.

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When talking about sailing in Ibiza – there is no better time to start planning it then: now. With the freedom to choose the most appropriate catamaran, sailing boat, power boat or some luxurious yacht – all depending on your taste and your crew’s wishes will represent the start of your most cherished sailing time in your life. If you have any doubts choosing one vessel or another – our friendly and fully professional team will help you make the best choice for a flawless Spanish voyage.

Once you got this settled – start making your plan for places to see in the paradise called Ibiza.