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Sailing in Mallorca: a time to remember

The island chain popularly known as the Balearic Islands seem to gain a lot of popularity especially among the younger sailors that are looking for something exciting, new and totally inspiring. One of the popular islands of the Balearics opens a whole new horizon full of wonderful cobbled streets, magnificent cathedrals and old architecture and an endless list of spectacular beaches that are created for a pure enjoyment.

palma de mallorca marina

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Being the largest among the Balearic group of islands – Mallorca offers numerous different ways to explore and enjoy its beauty. When speaking of enjoying this superb island – a perfect way to do it is by sailing around the island and finding spots and things that best fit your personality and sense of taste. Book2Sail and the enthusiastic team of people devoted to yachts, boats, and sailing, in general, has put Spain as a top sailing destination – for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons for recommending Spain as a great sailing destination in the heart of the Mediterranean has its name: Mallorca.

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If you have already flipped the coin and decided to choose Mallorca for your next sailing itinerary – be prepared for the most extravagant experience in your lifetime.
Before you go on and yacht charter Mallorca or maybe decide to rent a boat Mallorca – checking out the weather conditions to determine the most suitable time of the year to go sailing around this marvellous island is a must.

Luckily, when it comes to Mallorca – and Spain in general; there almost isn’t such thing as a bad period for sailing. A thing that definitely goes in your favour is the fact that the sailing season in Mallorca runs all over the year, with a peak from the beginning of April till the end of October. The perfect water temperature that goes from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius and around 300 sunny days a year – once again, make this wonderful place on Earth a great sailing journey’s end.

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Have you decided on the timing, the number of your crew and your preferred budget for your upcoming sailing time in Mallorca? Once you did this; the next move that will bring you one step closer to the gorgeous journey in this extravagant island is choosing the boat of your dreams.

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Our list of boats available for boat rental Mallorca is constantly updated in order to meet all the diverse tastes and preferences of our sailors. If you are among those that prefer to go a bit more adventuristic while cruising around this largest one of the Balearic Islands – picking a sailing boat would be a perfect match. Setting sail on the gorgeous and powerful Jeanneau 36i boat is a perfect way to get a safe, balanced and completely comfortable cruise that will take you to some unbelievable places.
If you decide to go bareboat – the intimacy of sailing at your own pace and visit whichever place catches your attention, another two great options would be the Bavaria 37 and the Oceanis 37 sailboats that are ready to please you at the fullest while offering you the best Spanish sailing time.

Starting your voyage from the port of Mallorca and spending some time at the capital of Mallorca – the gorgeous Palma de Mallorca will offer you a unique experience to meet and greet some of the most attractive marinas in the world – set on the idyllic coast of the island. A short sailing time north of Palma will take you to the pretty stop called Port Soller. Spending a day at the secluded bay of Soller and enjoying the picturesque town shaped in the form of a horseshoe is an experience that will represent the beginning of the marvellous moments spent on this island.
Luckily, anchoring a sailboat at some of the many available Anchorage stops will buy you a precious time to explore the charm of the town surrounded by orange flavour and a stunning scenery that can’t be compared with anything else you’ve previously experienced.

Powerboat rental Mallorca for the most vivid sailing time

Reconnoitering all those gorgeous looking golden beaches, inlets, peaceful mountains and the contrast that they make with the beauty of the crystal aquamarine coloured sea are just a small part of what a sailing in Mallorca resembles. Choosing a powerboat or a catamaran for your forthcoming trip to Spain can’t go wrong.

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Our most popular powerboats that will give you the unique chance to cut your sailing time when travelling long distances between two spots set on the island will allow you a valuable time spent enjoying the laidback style that breathes out of the pores of the stunning Mallorca.

The amazing Chaparral SSI 204, Rinker 226 Captiva, Glastron 185 GTS or the stunning Scanner 710 power boats are all ready to set sail at your convenience and allow you to discover as many beauties as possible. On the other side, choosing the comfy and most secure vessels of all such as the Lagoon 400 or the Alliaura Marine Privilege 495 catamarans is a totally different approach that beside the vibrancy of Mallorca itself, will allow you a lot of space and commodity to enjoy your sailing onboard – totally carefree. Chartering some of the numerous available options at our fast and secure booking system is a great prelude to exploring some of the most valuable places on the island of Mallorca – such as the port Cristo.

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If you are longing to see and enjoy the most incredible clear-green waters, heading up your power boat or your catamaran to the Porto Cristo stop is definitely your way to go. The chilling vibe of the fishing town positioned perfectly at the sheltered inlet is a number 1 choice for sailors and tourists coming from worldwide.

The golden sands spread all around the long beach at Ponte Cristo is just the beginning of the whole day trip each sailor must spend at this gorgeous spot. Once you got anchored here and decide to spend the rest of the day soaking up the best of this pretty town – choosing the Dragon Caves tour- guided or at your own pace will let you enjoy a floating concert at the stunning attraction called the underground lake – a must do in order to enrich your Mallorca memories to the fullest.

Chilling out at the best calas in Mallorca on a yacht

Feeling the passion and the richness of the energy flowing all around Mallorca cannot be experienced better than on a yacht that will be very yours for the whole Spanish voyage, or even better – the whole holiday. The irreplaceable moment of setting your feet on the deck of your yacht is the start of an unimaginable sightseeing of the very best this stunning island offers.

Choosing some of our carefully picked power yachts for your impending trip to Spain is the best gift both for yourself and for your precious crew you are about to spend plenty of memorable moments with. Whether you pick a robust – formed, fully reliable and excellently maintained yachts such as Menorquin 55 or the luxurious GRAÜNNER 650 WALKAROUND power yacht: the pleasure will be guaranteed.

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Taking care of the comfort of the whole family and enjoying a bit more spacious yacht is a reason good enough to choose the Sea Ray 280 Bowrider that offers the purest of pleasures: sailing around Mallorca. No matter what choice you make – the freedom of yachting around Mallorca will give you the freedom to enjoy all those marvellous beaches you probably never even knew existed on this Planet.

Choosing some of the popular ‘calas’ spread all around the island of Mallorca will bring out the perfect shape of your vacation that you will remember for a long time. One of the best anchorage points on the island – great for hikes to the Miranda, Viejo or Faro de Tramontana is the gorgeous looking Isla Dragonera, a place worth a lot more than just a simple Anchorage. Taking advantage of the freedom of sailing your own yacht in Spain can bring you to the fabulous Cala Formentor: a heaven on the sea full of underwater cliffs that are simply created for those of you who enjoy diving or a simple delightful sunbath at the secluded beach set right at this cove.

activities on a yacht in mallorca

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Heading a bit southeast of the island and heading up to the Sa Caletta will open the horizons of the three wonderful beaches of Del Rei, Del Mago and Sa Plageta, all beautifully covered with white sand both on the coast and in the sea. This gorgeous spot where you can anchor and get outboard freely is perfect for a whole-day layover and filling up your energy for the next spots ready to be explored at the island of Mallorca.

If you fan a bit chillier north-eastern winds that will add up to your romantic sailing while you lounge on the deck of your yacht – heading up to the Cala Boquer is another great choice. For the fans of going underwater and enjoy a part of your Spanish holiday while snorkelling – the Cala Marmassen is a perfect stop full of the stony sea bottom and great scenic cliffs that surround the whole cala.

Sailing in Mallorca: Going beyond the beaches & fun

Once you got to discover the whole over 500 kilometres long coastline – or probably only a part of it, you would probably think there is nothing else to be seen in this largest one of the Balearic Islands.

However, the island itself has a lot more to be discovered – once you got enough from the sailing, sunbathing and sea&mountains sightseeing. Anchoring your boat or your yacht at some convenient spot around the small village of Deia – set at the northern part of the island is a great way to start discovering the inner beauty of Mallorca. The beautiful mountain of Teix and the irreplaceable view of the sea under is probably the most visited place on this island, a true inspiration for lots of poets, writers, and art-loving people in a whole.  This world heritage site has totally deserved its award for the beautiful landscape that no words can describe – the main reason why you should definitely take some time and enjoy the deep beauty of this mountain village and discover why it’s been so cherished by tourists from all over the world.

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Discovering the inside of the city of Palma – the capital of the Mallorca island is one of those special feelings that can be felt only by visiting. Wandering the narrow streets of La Lonja – known as the Old Town, discovering some unique local items spread all around the attractive little shops and taking some time to just sit at a café and enjoy some Sangria while gathering up your memories from the last days of your trip is a must-do when in Palma.
Once you got settled – getting on to the beautiful seven-centuries old cathedral known as ‘La Seu’ is another must-see. Don’t forget to prepare your camera and capture the most awesome sight from the sea – incomparable to anything similar.

A numerous other cultural and architectural spots, lots of museums and galleries that you will love visiting in the quiet evenings after a good swim and a long sailing enjoyment around this Balearic island make Mallorca a truly unique experience. Taking time to enjoy a traditional dinner at the serenity of some seaside restaurant and enjoy the hospitability of the locals meanwhile will give you the precious homey feel that is so cognizable for this pretty sailing destination.
The simple admiring of the wonderful facades and the stunning old streets, picturesque houses and all those gorgeous coastline spots will be a reason good enough for you to come back in Mallorca – at least once again.

Until that day comes – enjoy preparing your mind for the unforgettable boating or yachting experience at this gorgeous island and start packing your bags. Wishing you the most unforgettable trip ever.