Boat Rental Holidays: Sailing in Malta

Spent your day on an own chartered yacht in the heart of the Mediterranean



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Interested in chartering in Malta?

Why choose Malta as your sailing destination?

Thinking of sailing on a boat or a yacht at some destination that will allow you to see more of beautiful beaches, lots of history and delightful sightseeing places? Choosing Malta for your boating or yachting vacation already seems like the best choice many veteran sailors would choose, especially when you add all the cool things available at a relatively small archipelago like the Maltese.

The old saying that there is no better way to explore an island than from a boat can’t be truer when talking about Malta. Set at the heart of Mediterranean Sea, the wonderful small island of Malta, along with the two bigger ones set in the north of the archipelago will easily convert into your dream holiday at a very reasonable price.

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When searching for the best boat rental and yacht charter company that offers hundreds of available choices for chartering at prices that feet any budget, the advice would be to choose a company that knows the destination better than anyone.  Set at the heart of Malta, right at the Msida Seafront – Book2Sail is the ultimate choice for making your sailing holiday as memorable as it can be. With over 500 boats and many yachts to choose from, our simple search engine and user-friendly interface will help you find your most suitable vessel at your desirable dates at surprisingly low rates.

However, choosing the right boat, or if you prefer a bit more deluxe sailing – the right yacht; can be time-consuming and confusing, especially if you don’t know the essentials. Let us help you choose the option that suits your needs and expectations once you arrived in the wonderful island of Malta.

Choosing the perfect sailing option for sightseeing Malta

Jet ski rental from Mellieha or Bugibba

When thinking about a more adventuristic approach to sailing Malta – a perfect, low budget solution would be renting a powerful jet ski. The best fun, discovering some hidden spots that are easily reachable once you get on a jet ski is simply priceless. When considering these beauties combined with the health benefits of jet skiing – the frame of your perfect day spent exploring the Maltese islands is already set.

jet ski malta

With different options to choose from, whether you prefer a 15-minute drive on a boat jet-ski for a single person, or a Safari jet ski perfect for a two-person drive, the choice cannot go wrong.

To make the search easier, our company has already made the two best available options for you: a jet ski charter from the Mellieha Bay, the hot spot for thousands of tourists – mostly because of the clearest waters and the largest sandy beach set in the village of Mellieha bay or a rental from the marvelous Bugibba Beach – the liveliest area at the St. Paul’s Bay set north at the Island of Malta. If you don’t feel ready for a bareboat, choose an optional captain and feel free to enjoy the beauties of the endless waters surrounded with wonderful landscapes around you No matter what you choose, a fun and heartwarming time spent at the heart of Malta is guaranteed.

Choosing a boat rental for a perfect time-off in Malta

When it comes to sailing around the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino along with a hopping on and off the greatest attractions, long-cherished architecture and marvelous picturesque sites are seen at their best from the deck – renting a boat would be the right choice for you. No matter how big your group of friends is, our search engine will easily find the perfect solution for you.
Choosing an option that varies from a captioned Beneteau Cyclades boat, Pholas, Jeanneau to various Bavaria boat options that can accommodate a large group of people will totally transform your sailing experience and allow you to feel the best this archipelago offers.

boats for charter in malta

Choosing a boat for rent in Malta has various advantages. The biggest advantage you will become aware of since the mere stepping on the deck of the boat is the wonderful feel of connecting to the best places in Malta from that far away point in the sea.  Once you decide to charter one of our available boats, the discovery of the must-see places can begin. Taking your time to stop at the Comino island and visiting the biggest attraction here – the Blue Lagoon will be an experience you will long appreciate.  A stop by for snorkeling at the bay, a relaxed swimming or just enjoying the beauties of the island of Comino can be enough for a day.

The freedom of renting a boat will allow you to take your time and go on discovering the 200 kilometers long coastline and choose one of the many anchorage points the islands offer. Taking a day to explore the fortress of Valetta, the Silent City better known as Mdina or the renowned St. John’s Cathedral worth visiting is all made easier when you have the freedom to anchor your boat and take your time enjoying the activities you prefer the most.

Fan of fishing? Once again, you have come to the right place. Once you get back on your boat and leave the harbor of Valetta you can head up to Marascala, a popular, still small bay that is a very popular spot for fishermen from Malta and tourists from all over the world. Renting one of our most popular choices such as Chadron 29 power boat, Mulder sail boat or some Lagoon catamaran will offer you a unique close look-up of the caves of the Island Bay, the Blue Grotto, the Golden Bay and one of the best beaches of the Mediterranean.

Once again, the Gnejna spot that offers a popular anchorage for a perfect night fishing will be one of the most exclusive experiences at your sailing vacation on the island of Malta. Then again, taking a day or more exploring the peaceful island of Gozo will open a whole new world of churches, fortresses, and tons of history that are being collected for over 6 millennia.

Yacht charter for a comfy feel of Malta

The must-see’s in Malta are almost indefinite. The freedom to discover all of them at your own pace and arranging the activities in accordance with your planned vacation time spent here cannot be done better than on a chartered yacht.

Bearing in mind that our platform has over 50 yachts available for charter from various anchorages in the islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino – the choice of where to start your yacht sailing trip around the heart of the Meditteranean sea is again – very yours.

Sailors from all over the world take the chance to discover the hidden beauties of Malta by chartering the motor cruiser yacht – Caruana cabin. Available for the best price around the net, this yacht is a perfect choice if you want to spend a day or more in exploring the Maltese islands starting from the beautiful harbor of Mgarr in Gozo.
If you’ve had the chance to see Gozo, probably the very first impression of it will be this great serene harbor surrounded by picturesque sightseeings that photographers from all over the world can’t wait to capture. Starting your sailing around Gozo on a yacht that combines comfort, a great atmosphere for dining during the beautiful sunsets seems like a great idea for you and your friends.

yacht charter in malta

Before you set sail, taking a time to explore the beautiful island of Gozo. Although this island is at least 3 times smaller compared to the island of Malta – you will be pleasantly amazed of the attractions and the totally different world this small place holds. Many tourists have noticed that Gozo offers one of exclusive food specialties in the world, so taking your time to taste some of the local foods at the idyllic restaurants set by the sea can be a perfect start before you get on board and letting all your senses enjoy the numerous advantages of yachting. Trying a rabbit – the local specialty in Malta is something you shouldn’t miss.

The remarkable range of diving sites of Gozo is another thing that will totally amaze you. The tunnel dives and the light penetration will transform your diving into a uniquely memorable experience.
Like the sailing – don’t worry about being a beginner in diving, neither. The famous diving centers offer this experience from beginner to experience levels, so what’s left up to you is just let off to this wonderful experience as an asset of the sailing itself.

Fan something even more luxurious?

Azimut Flybridge 64

Choosing the Azimut Flybridge model – a luxury yacht consisted of 3 cabins is perfect for your crew made of 8 people, some other Azimut model from the several available on our site; or one of the Atlantis or Sunseeker yachts will offer you a truly remarkable experience while sunbathing under the Maltese sun.

If you are among those who enjoy being guided and taken to the best beaches around the islands, these yachts are just meant for you. A professional skipper is available for you and your friends to freely enjoy the sandy beaches, wonderful caves, unimaginable clear waters and anything else that one can wish from a vacation spent in Malta.

As most of our yacht available for a day charter or a longer period of time, all depending on your budget and preferences are located at the idyllic St.Jullian’s Portomaso Marina – here is another chance to get a spectacular dinner at one of the restaurants set by the seaside offering a wonderful view and a good prep for the sailing days to come.

charter a yacht malta valletta

The lovely restaurants and cafes around the Portomaso Marina are known as the most chilling place at St. Jullian; a wonderful way to escape the hustle of the crowdedness you’ve already experienced in the capital La Valetta. Another must-see while sailing around Malta: The Blue Grotto, events, and outdoor life. Once you made up your mind for one of the breathtaking power yachts, motor yachts, power boats, catamarans or other choices available for chartering in only a few minutes, it’s time to make a list of things to see and do to get fully satisfied with your amazing time spent in Malta.

When talking about sailing to some extraordinary spots, whether you go bareboat or with a skipper – the Blue Grotto is something you will be astounded of. The group of sea caves easily reachable by a yacht or a boat called “the Blue Grotto” is an idyllic place set at south on the island of Malta. Enjoying the different shades of the bluest waters in the world, along with taking the time to stop by and visit the famous arch that makes the place easily recognizable and totally charming. One more thing that you should afford visiting once you get the advantage of yacht charter is opting in the secluded beaches of Malta that are ideal for an entire day swim far away from the modern world.

power boat malta

If sailing in Malta left the impression that all you can see here is sun, sand, and sea: think twice. Besides the historical sites that are a must-see, a perfect completing of the impressions from a time spent in Malta is combining it with a great nightlife. No matter the age and the music preference, Malta has it all: starting from festivals to various exhibitions, carnivals and lots of concerts. As activities here happen throughout the entire year, there can’t be a wrong time to visit this beautiful archipelago and enrich your sailing experience with one more beautiful destination.

Book2sail’s team is waiting for you to pick up your dates and your preferred vessel and the rest of the holiday is totally left up to your creative mind.
After all – a mere sailing and enjoying the sea breeze can be just enough for a total refreshment of your mind and body.

Wishing you a great time spent in Malta.