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Alliaura Marine Privilege 495

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Fairline Squadron 55

Fairline Squadron 55-1



Bavaria 49

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Hanse 575

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Rinker 226 Captiva

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Bénéteau Oceanis Clipper 423

Bénéteau Oceanis Clipper 423-1

Lagoon-Beneteau Lagoon 400

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Interested in chartering in Spain?

Experience Spain from the comfort of a boat or a yacht

The fact that Spain has a marvellous over 8000 kilometres long coastline is a reason good enough that Book2Sail picked it as a top sailing destination and managed to offer the best offerings for a brilliant sailing experience. Starting from the amazing cultural residence of Barcelona to the home of the wildest parties in the world – Ibiza, the dreamy paradise for each sailor is to experience Spain from the comfort of a boat or a yacht.

No matter how unreachable this sailing destination seam, our team of professionals has done its best to offer a sailing option suitable for each budget, each taste and meet every single expectation of the sailor and his crew. This way – a wide array of things including the perfect beaches, the vibrant parties, nature escapes and lots of adventurous activities are made possible in a matter of clicks.

Reasons why to choose Spain as a sailing destination are literally countless. No matter if you are going there for the first time, or you have already experienced the Spanish paradise by foot and feel eager to upgrade your experience by boat rental or yacht charter – sailing in Spain is always an ideal experience for everyone.

Rent a boat at the spectacular Balearic Islands

rent a boat spain

The Balearic Islands are an ideal escape from the fuss of everyday life. Getting a chance to explore the magnificent Menorca, Palma de Mallorca, Formentera and the popular Ibiza can be all combined in one holiday if you make the right decision to rent a sail boat and get your deserved rest and a full relaxation of your body and spirit. Most of the sail boats available at Book2Sail.com are situated at one of the islands, so taking some time to take a brief look at the amenities they offer is a one step further towards creating the sailing vacation you have dreamed of.

The most popular searches of sailors from all around the world that choose Spain as a boating destination are the marvellous Jeanneau Sun Odyssey and the Beneteau Oceanis boats, both of which can be chartered with an optional skipper – if you prefer. The Bavaria 37, the Pogo Structures 30 and the marvellous Hanse 415 are few more choices worth considering – especially when you are looking for an ultimate comfort for the duration of your Spanish trip.

As most of our sail boats start from the heart of Mallorca – the biggest island of the Balearic archipelago, you may come in handy some useful info before you start preparing your plan for the actual sailing trip. What’s so spectacular about Mallorca is the over 500 kilometres long coastline that holds beautiful landscapes and plenty of places where you can simply stop off and take your time to discover some marvellous mountains that look like they fall into the turquoise sea, the longest white sandy beaches full of natural shadows and tranquil coves where you can find some spectacular secluded beaches.

In order to truly absorb the light and the beauties of the Spanish spots – making a plan where to head at once you set sail from Ibiza is an important task that will save you lots of time and make your trip as organised as possible.

Sailing from Palma to Cala Raco and the marvellous stops in between

sailiboats spain

Once you started your sailing with one of our amazing sail boats – heading to the Cala Jondal at your leisure is the perfect way to go. The wonderful beaches and lots of spots you will capture along the way will be a great intro for the marvellous beach clubs found in Cala Jondal. Be prepared to have lots of fun here, as the party in these clubs never stops. Sailing a bit further to the superb Formentera and the Espalmador Island is a unique way to get to know some amazing locations. Anchoring here is possible, so taking a time to stop and enjoying a good swimming time will be a great refreshment before you set sail again.

If you got enough swimming and gazing the clearest waters in the world – sailing to Cala Raco is an amazing plan that makes your crew totally excited. The breezy route can be challenging, but it is definitely worth it since the picturesque spots found along the sailing trip from Formentera to Cala Raco will be simply inviting you to take some great pics and share them with your close ones.

The finest restaurants set idyllically by the beaches of Cala Raco are something you cannot miss. Trying some local dish and enjoy some refreshing cocktail by the beach will totally impress you and make you want to stay there forever. The freedom of owning your own boat or a yacht for your vacation in Spain is boosting up your spirits with some adventurous activities that are available from the leisure of your boat. Scuba diving, snorkelling or some of the various sports offered almost anywhere at the touristy Spanish spots will totally restore your energy and get you ready for an, even more, energised sailing trip. Choosing one of our available sail boats such as the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i, the Beneteau Oceanis 38, the marvellous Pogo Structures 30 or the famous Bavaria 37 will transform your trip into an unforgettable experience you will want to repeat.

The diverse culture of Spain welcomes tourists from anywhere in the world. The rich historical heritage and the wonderful monuments, idyllic nature, and the various cultural activities can be found merely anywhere in coastal Spain, as well as the numerous islands surrounding the coast.

Power yacht charter Spain and feel its best

Power yacht charter Spain

The most amazing way to discover all the shades of Spain is the view from a yacht. The marvellous deluxe feeling that combines comfort and freedom to anchor to whatever place you want to be for the duration of your sailing voyage in Spain is irreplaceable.

Our wide range of power yachts available for charter from the pace of your own home will offer you many more things you never even imagined.

Chartering the wonderful Menorquin 55 for a start of your trip from the beautiful Mallorca is often the first choice of the newbie sailors. However, taking a look at the plenty other powerful and wonderful yachts – by all means may totally change the way you are about to experience Spain.
The Graunner 650 Walkaround or the Sea Ray Bowrider 280 power yachts are waiting for you at the Port Adriano will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes when it comes to yachting. The full spectrum of amenities offered by this yacht will make you feel like a king of the sea.

Locally known as El Toro – the port Adriano offers one of the best diving centres in Spain, so taking some time before getting onboard and experience the unique feel of diving at the Mar Balear is something you should definitely gift to yourself and your carefully selected group of friends.

If you wish to briefly explore the Balearic Islands on a yacht with the advantage of feeling as comfortable as possible – chartering the Fairline Targa 48 or the Monterey 355 are two choices worth taking a look at.

All the power yachts in Spain available for rental through our website offer an optional skipper – just in case you don’t want to bother with the sailing challenges and fully relax from the beginning till the very end of your sailing journey.

Catamaran rental for an intimate and relaxed Spanish voyage

catamaran spain

Enjoying your time spent in Spain can be even more incredible if spent on a powerful catamaran designed to fit your needs and expectations. Sailing a stable and powerful catamaran will offer you a carefree way to discover the best of Spain, while at the same time give you the freedom of sailing wherever you want and whenever you want.

Two of the most popular catamarans that come skippered or bareboat – depending on your preference are both settled at the Balearic Islands – which doesn’t mean you can’t visit the other beautiful sailing spots in Spain such as the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, or the famous Canaric Islands. Choosing the Lagoon-Beneteau Lagoon 400 or the wonderful Alliaura Marine Privilege 495 catamaran opens up a new world of choices that you will love making once you set sail.

Taking the benefit of owning your boat in Spain is a wonderful opportunity to sail to the some of the most popular destinations in Spain – for example, Costa Blanca. Stopping at a port nearby and enjoying the over 200 kilometres unspoiled beaches as well as the numerous fishing villages Is a must – once you get here.

If you decide sailing to the beautiful cultural capital of Spain – Barcelona and explore the beauties consisted in the stunning architecture, the wonderful streets and amazing parties – sailing just a few nautical miles to the Costa Brava will be a total refreshment and a whole new aspect of the Spanish sailing experience. The awe-inspiring Cap de Creus is a must-see once you sail up to Costa Brava.  Another attractive spot found in the fabulous Iberian Peninsula that can be easily reached by boat is the Costa del Sol. If you are a fan of art – you will easily get astonished by the art scene at this wonderful sailing spot.

One more stop that you must afford at any time during your trip is the Canary Islands. A perfect paradise for sailors, the seven large islands will be just perfect for a week-long sailing which includes lots of incredible sightseeings, perfectly cooked local food and a picturesque view worth capturing in your memory forever.

Make your Spanish experience even more powerful – Rent a power boat from Book2Sail

Are you among those sailors that prefer a powerful, fast boat that will shorten the sailing trip and leave more time for enjoyment under the Spanish sun? If this is the case, choosing one of our superb power boats is the right choice for you.

Starting from the heart of the Balearic Islands, the Glastron 185 GTS or the Rinker 226 Captiva power boats enable you to acknowledge the best places in the whole Spanish area. An optional skipper is available for both boats – and so is the case with the outstanding Chaparral SSI 204, a boat that will most likely meet even the classiest requirements. The Scanner 710 is also a great choice if you plan to sail with a larger group of friends that share the same tastes as yours.

powerboat spain

Probably the best choice among all – for those who wish a fully reliable engine ready to sail the whole Spanish coast is the Zodiac Medline 8.6, a powerful boat that comes skippered and can suit your group of up to 11 friends. With a marvellously equipped interior and amenities, every sailor wishes for, chartering this boat for the best price at our site is a perfect starting point for your treasured journey in Spain. Can you even want something more than a boat offering a perfect space for dining at the deck while enjoying the scenic view of the Spanish coast?

To sum things up – sailing in Spain look a lot like your most wonderful dreams multiplied by thousand. By choosing the right vessel that will meet your sailing expectations and the precise sailing itinerary that will guide you throughout your sailing vacation in Spain – you are about to experience one of the most amazing times: the ones spent on your own boat for the length of your Spanish holiday.

Stopping by at our website and choosing the dates, Spain as a destination and the boat or the yacht you have carefully chosen is the start of an unforgettable time spent in Spain.
Meanwhile, feel free to learn a bit more about the places you are about to visit in order to come back from Spain with a plentiful of memories to cherish and no regrets. 

The vacation time will come sooner than you think, so why wait? Check the available options for your dates and start packing for an incredible sailing tour around the Spanish coast.