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10 Yacht Charters Not to Be Missed in 2017

Every vessel is a voyager’s best friend but with so many to choose between, how do you decide upon the right one? Yes, there are many outstanding yacht charters available for cruising around the world, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and it is always the experience on every sea which unleashes their charm to the intrepid sailor.

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That said, here are the most respected and sought after yachts you can charter in 2017:

Legend Motor Yacht

motor yacht Legend cruising

Source: Super Yacht Times

As an exciting motor yacht, the Legend is well equipped for the seas almost anywhere in the world and this daring explorer measures approximately 77-meters in length. Featuring some highly useful snow scooters, it can travel as far as the Arctic or even the French Riviera but regardless, every sailing trip is a memorable experience, and overall, it is a playful yacht which promises comfort and style for every guest.

Joy Chartering Vessel

couple enjoying jet ski on Joy yacht emerald green waters

Source: Yacht Charter Fleet

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Another impressive performer is the Joy superyacht which measures a mighty seventy meters. Each corner of this vessel consists of innovative and flexible living spaces, while the appreciation of the layout can be best witnessed in its ability to transform. Thankfully, it doesn’t just look good, for the external features are also practical and boast a home cinema and air conditioning units.

Romea Yacht

Romea super yacht cruising

Source: Boat International

One of the most recent yachts on the market, the Romea guarantees every guest an unforgettable charter adventure. As with the Joy above, it is equipped with cinemas that provide comfort and entertainment at the main and bridge decks. However, there is also a dedicated spa for relaxation, and true enough, the six cabin Romea is considered a luxury option for an affordable price.

Elysian Cruising Vessel

Elyssian super yacht cruising

Source: Boat International

With contemporary designs on both the interior and exterior, this 60-meter motor yacht is in high demand. The spacious sky lounge, Jacuzzi, and the extended pool are perfect for parties at any time of the day while there is also enough capacity for about up to twelve guests in six available rooms. The overall atmosphere is a timeless style, while also featuring attractive furnishing and a genuinely cozy atmosphere.

Grace E Yacht

Grace E super yacht cruising  and some  speed boats off the coast

Source: Yacht Charter Fleet

This multi-awarded sailing vessel ensures sailing satisfaction to the maximum with its wide range of amenities and top of the line performance. Amidst the spacious rooms, you can find facilities for hydrotherapy, exercise, and other wellness exercises. Interestingly, it is also eco-friendly which fits hand in hand with its reputation for high-class comfort and pleasure.

Lady Britt Motor Yacht

Lady britt super yacht cruising

Source: Yacht Charter Fleet

Old but gold, this chartering vessel remains on the top list with its alluring performance for a chartering vessel. The combination of exterior lines with the arctic white hulls are very distinct and well favored. Also, there is an open-air cinema with a nice ambiance to keep the guests upbeat, and overall, it is one of the most popular yacht charters in 2017.

Kismet Motor Yacht

yacht kismet sailing at night

Source: Boat International

This fantastic yacht has an outstanding level of luxury and impressive features including a multi-level swimming pool that adds enjoyment for guests. Another highlight is the cozy fireplace which also comes in handy as you sit stargazing on the wide deck. And then there is the incredible amount of space you will find down below, for the Kismet is perfect for group travel and can accommodate up to twelve guests regardless of the season.

Savannah Sailing Vessel

Savannah super  yacht cruising near a tropical island

Source: Super Yachts Monaco

Among the most outstanding and eco-friendly yachts, the Savannah measures up to the perfect size of 84 meters. It also exudes some environmentally friendly facilities and adds to the future of reduced carbon footprint advocacy. There are multiple swimming pools and an underwater lounge while this also makes it a perfect venue to observe the picturesque views both from the surrounding and from under the water.

11/11 Motor Yacht

11/11 cruising yacht

Source: Super Yacht Fan

This exceptional motor yacht measures about 63 meters and comes with a bespoke tender allowing guests to come with their own style. The interior is very attractive and ideal for warmer climates while from the shaded and more exposed areas of the boat, you can expect to dine and relax in comfort. There are two master bedrooms, including double beds, and twin rooms. Yes, the 11/11 is always a crowd pleaser and a safe bet for a sailing adventure anywhere in the world.

Cloudbreak Cruising Vessel

Cloudbreak cruising in green waters

source: Perfect Yacht Charter

Taking every adventure to a different level of enjoyment is something Cloud-break brings to the table. The engineering, including the mechanics, interior, and design is simply superb and top of the line while this allows for an escapade without having to leave the same level of comfort at home. This chartering vessel also has twelve guest rooms and staterooms that ensure privacy anon board, and with a length of 73 meters, it also promises plenty of space.

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