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5 Years in 5 Minutes – Enjoy the Beauty of Our Planet (Video)

Nothing is more stimulating to the senses than a collection of mesmerizing images that span the globe in a matter of minutes. In this feast for the senses, viewers can witness the spectacular diversity that our planet has to offer and goes from glacial locations to scorching settings without missing a beat.

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With over 20 years of sailing experience under his belt, Captain Tettamanti has sailed over 150,000 miles across the world’s seas and has even traveled to incredibly remote destinations like Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica. Throughout this travels, Captain Tettamanti is accompanied by his wife and chef Giulia Azzalli who utilizes her culinary expertise to create unique meals with locally sourced ingredients during the specific trips.

You can watch the video here:

Through this exceptional video clip, Captain Enrico Tettamanti showcases the very best of the imagery collected during 5 years (between 2011 and 2016) of traveling all over the world through his sailing project ‘KAMANA’.  Captain Tettamanti utilizes his sailing boat as a medium through which he can make sailing a safe and enriching adventure for whoever would like to experience the beauty of the world in a hands-on manner particularly through activities like paragliding, windsurfing, spearfishing, and mountaineering.  These once in a lifetime trips are conducted on the Solaris 72 yacht which is equipped to sail in broadly different locations that range from the pole to the equator and can accommodate 8 guests comfortably.

Although not everyone can experience this unique adventure directly, this video clip is an excellent source of inspiration and day dreaming.  The natural and cultural diversity that our planet has is something that should be celebrated. Indeed, the prevailing message for the viewers is that the world that we live in is an incredibly unique gift that has been given to us to discover, enjoy but also protect.

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