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A route through the Ionian Islands, Greece

A route through the Ionian Islands, Greece

The ultimate getaway for those seeking to detach and unwind – Embark on this magnificent voyage through the Ionian Islands with friends and family, and experience all that this strikingly beautiful part of the word has to offer. Comprised of seven main islands, and many more smaller ones, this region is famed for its white sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters. These fertile islands are cloaked in varying shades of green and peppered with vestiges of their Venetian past. The overwhelming beauty of these islands simply cannot be conveyed through a lens, and must be admired in person. 


The most popular and perhaps most well-known of the islands, Corfu is the most northerly of the group. The island has long been of interest to tourists and is known for its historical & cultural places of interest, boasting an array of diverse architecture, influenced by its many foreign rulers. Spend some time lounging on one of its stunning beaches, or explore its quaint, historic town. 

Places of interest

Palace of Empress Sissi

The Achillion Palace 

The old town of Corfu


This is the fourth largest of the Heptanese (The seven islands) and is encircled by multiple smaller islands. Lefkada is a popular holiday destination, offering its visitors plenty to see and do. The southern part of Lefkada is known for its water activities, whilst to the west of the island, Agios Nikitas, you will find crystal clear waters and flawless beaches. 

Places of interest

Monastery of Faneromeni 

The Lighthouse of Lefkas, Cape Ducato

The Castle of Agia Mavra 


Meganisi is nestled between the coast of western Greece and the island of Lefkada. This island offers a little more of a challenge, being far less developed than other islands in the region and having a population of around one thousand. Drop anchor in several sheltered & tranquil locations. Despite these differences, the island of Meganisi offers just as much natural beauty as its neighbouring islands – with some beaches being only reachable by boat & foot, this island is a must see. 

Places of interest

The village of Vathy 

The beaches of; Fanari, Spilia and Barbarezou 


The Island of Ithaca will forever be tied to the famed Greek story of the Odyssey, by Homer – with several of the places cited in ancient literature being short distances from the Vathy, the capitol. For those happy to trek a little, the island of Ithaca is home to multiple religious relics of the Byzantine era. Ithaca also has some fantastic little fishing villages and picturesque pebble beaches. 

Places of interest

The port of Vathy 

The Archalogical museum 

The church of Agios Georgios 


The largest of the islands in the region, and home to the fortress of Assos. This Venetian castle, built in the 17th century upon request by the local population, who were seeking security from Turkish pirates, keeps watch over the sleepy bay and village of Assos beneath it. Kefalonia has a rich diverse wildlife to observe.

Places of interest

Cave Melissani 

The colourful fishing village of Fiskardo 

The Port of Assos


The Southern neighbour of our penultimate stop off above, Kefalonia, the Island of Zakynathos is the third largest of the islands in this region. Its varied coastline, from rocky cliffs to shielded immaculate beaches and a host of explorable caves, leaves little to be desired. 

Places of interest 

Museum of Post-Byzantine Arts

The Venetian Citadel 

The Agios Dionysos Church