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Get Social: Best English Speaking Sailing Groups on Facebook

Get Social: Best English Speaking Sailing Groups on Facebook

In many ways, Facebook Groups was an experiment and one of many which have been rolled out since the platform first began. At this time there are many more experiments but these groups are now proving to be extremely useful and helpful for sailors around the world. Whether you need advice on the best port to stay, suitable sailing itineraries or even a nice vessel for your trip, Facebook Groups are a haven for first-timers and an accurate source of information for anything sailing-related.


In this article, we will provide some examples of the best English speaking groups on Facebook for yachting but first, let us look at why these groups are so popular and useful.

Why Facebook Chartering Groups are So Useful

Facebook Groups are densely populated with individuals who are particularly interested in a given topic. In the case of chartering groups, the members usually want to learn about sailing or else knowledgeable about the topic. In this sense, you have one person asking a question and this question is almost always answered with accurate information.


Needless to say, this useful information is the reason why Facebook Groups are so great but then they are also entirely free which is often not the case with excellent information. Furthermore, the search facility in a Facebook Group is extremely useful as users can type in the topic of their query and results are then provided for every discussion or mention which ever included these words. If you need information fast, this is a great way to find it but otherwise, there is always the option of posting a fresh question and waiting for new answers.

Here are some of the best English speaking groups on Facebook for sailing or chartering a boat:

Best Facebook Groups for Sailing and Chartering a Boat

Sailing  – The largest sailing group in Facebook. Ivailo the owner of the group is a very experienced sailor who takes care everything related to the group. If you are new to sailing, this is such an excellent chartering group in which to find inspiration. However, from stories and sailing itineraries to photos and recommendations, this is also a great place to source information or ideas for your next trip.

International Sailing Community – In this excellent international group, experience members offer free encouragement to sailors along with advice on the best places to sail in Europe along with recommendations for suitable boat rentals.

All Things Sailing – Looking for inspiration or ideas for sailing the World? This group can provide you all the relevant information. 20,000 sailors are actively participating and can assist you with the most extreme requests. All things about Sailing can be mentioned, replied and narrated in that group.  

Sailing and Cruising – The purpose of this group is to discuss sailing and cruising; for new sailors/cruisers to get help and advice from the old salts; for general conversations about cruising destinations, our boats, our cruising goals, and life in general as it relates to cruising and sailing. More than 30,000 experienced sailors can assist you with the most demanding request.

Sailing Now – Very active group with more than 10,000 experienced members. Yorgos, the owner of the group can assist you with everything related with sailing, obviously his expertise is sailing in the beautiful Greek Islands. 

Source: Book2Sail 

Do you have a Facebook Group for sailing enthusiasts? Please let us know in the comments so we can add them to our list!