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Greece: Tips for a Successful Bareboat Charter

Greece: Tips for a Successful Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charter seems to be increasingly popular in a time when independent travel is widely preferred. At the same time, more people are educated or experienced to the point where sailing is an option. Whether you opt for bareboat charter Greece, Spain, Croatia or anywhere else in the Mediterranean, this is also the most affordable option and a way to ensure maximum privacy on board the boat.



In case you may not know, a bareboat charter refers to an agreement in which the person renting the boat will take full responsibility for every aspect of the boat and subsequent trip. An alternative to this kind of travel is when a skipper is hired or an individual joins a group sailing trip. With this in mind, the boat comes with no provisions or plans and there are some tips to keep in mind in this situation.

Firstly, Do You Qualify for Bareboat Charter?

Rules and regulations are the same for bareboat charter Greece as elsewhere in Europe. You will need a license and certain degree of sailing experience while the captain must also take full responsibility for the vessel. Although you save on the expense of professional crew, this will also mean that expenses much be paid along the way such as fuel, insurance, and any related port fees. Furthermore, many charter agencies will require the person renting to fill out a resume-style document prior to chartering a boat.

In every instance, you should always ask the questions before renting a yacht instead of waiting for something to happen and finding out that you have broken any existing rules or regulations.

Remember, You Take Full Responsibility

Needless to say, chartering a boat without crew will mean more work and more stress in terms of keeping everything organized. From cleaning and navigation to laundry and cooking; you are responsible for every aspect of life on board the boat. At the same time, this is often the way sailors prefer the arrangement and this ironically becomes just another benefit of bareboat chartering.



With this in mind, here are some more benefits to bareboat charters:

Cost – Bareboat charters are a lot less expensive in a sense that you will not need to cover the cost of the experienced crew for the trip.

Independence – You are entirely free on a bareboat charter and this is often the attraction of sailing in the first place. After all, more people means more noise and this is not something you want spooning the view.

Flexibility – When you choose a crew, you are also choosing a certain degree of organization in terms of the itinerary. On the other hand, when you choose a bareboat charter, you are opting for a sense of freedom which will allow you to change or adjust the itinerary at any point in time.

Experience – What can be a better way to improve your sailing than first-hand experience? As you know, there is no much room for error on a sailing trip but with the right mindset, this can be an opportunity to improve your skills.

Alone Time – Indeed, if you have a crew on board, there is also less time along and for this reason, many sailors prefer the privacy that comes with a bareboat charter. 

Finally, Do Not Sacrifice Quality for Price

Although the reduced cost is one reason why people opt for a bareboat charter, you should absolutely avoid picking the “cheapest” boat available. After all, this is the focal point and foundation of your entire adventure so you want it to be the best possible companion. Instead, use the money saved on a crew to invest in the best vessel and not the one which “saves you the most money”.


Are you thinking about a bareboat charter? Maybe you need to know if you qualify. Please let us know your concerns in the comments below!