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Can You Have Healthy Lifestyle While Living on Yacht

Can you have healthy lifestyle while living on yacht

We all know the importance of physical exercise and healthy life choices to stay fit and youthfull,healthy and content. People choose a number of activities to stay in shape, such as running, weights, swimming, yoga ect. It seems like all you have to do is make the choice to get and stay in shape, and the options are limitless. But what happens when the choices and options are limited and the five mile running track is simply not an option.

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Living on board a yacht might seem like you have to give up parts of your fitness routine due to limited space, but that could not be further from the truth. Modern yachts offer a number of possibilities to stay fit, whilst living at sea offers even more opportunities, that are fun and exciting at the same time.

Use electronics on board

Each TV room can easily become your new fitness playground. There are many practices that come with video tutorials, so all you need is a DVD or a USB stick with your program. Get your mat, plug it in and you are set. You can choose activities such as Zumba or other dance routines, to get a fun and effective workout.

Gyms on board

Many yachts have gyms that are equipped with state of the art technologies to use, so make the most them!. Treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, free weight or resistance machines, you name it! Usually located on the higher decks, these gyms offer a magnificent view while getting into shape.

Water sports

Many yachts have water sports equipment for swimming, kayaking, boarding or diving. Usually there are instructors to help you make the most of this equipment so make the most of it while on board. There are also diving options when near a reef, it’s a wonderful opportunity to explore the picturesque water environment, while getting a total body workout that water sports can provide. Whenever possible, try surfing! It’s an adrenaline fueld sport that works for you on many different levels. The refreshing sea water also has therapeutic effects on the body and mind, so using water sports to getting or remain in shape is a complete solution for your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. This is Book2sail‘s favourite way to stay in shape.

YOGA & Pilates

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Let’s face it. In our busy lifes we tend towards things that are easy to maintain, don’t require overplanning or lots of equipment. So if you have a simple yoga mat, just use it wherever on board for a relaxing but also an energizing workout. Use your own weight and make gravity work for you. It’s an excellent way to compensate a crampy living environment, while building your core and improving posture. The calming effect of yoga helps dealing with anxiety and stress. The freedom of not needing almost any equipment at all, is a reason enough to incorporate these simple yet effective workouts into your routine. Planks, push ups, squats.., you can do this in the privacy of a cabin or under the sun. Add weight to get an even more effective workout and remember to stay hydrated at all times.

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When docked, you can use a number of facilities in the marinas. Go for a run on solid ground, ride a bike or go hiking. Use these opportunities whenever possible, since living on a boat can result in not being able to do this as often as you’d like.

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