Why is a catamaran the right choice for the upcoming season?

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For over 20 years – sailors from all around the world are utilizing the advantages of the catamarans. This trend that has now become spread massively comes with a list full of reasons to be that popular. As these boats are one of the oldest in the world – people have used them for various reasons for over 2000 years now.

With so many facts that prove the catamaran as a great sailing option, considering one for your next sailing vacation seems like a great idea – no matter the destination.

Once you have decided on your destination where you will spend those unforgettable sailing moments and the time when you will treat yourself with the best possible gift – a sailing catamaran to make your vacation even better, what’s left up is to charter one of the options through the  Book2Sail offers for the best prices on the market.

No matter if you want to spend a day or the whole holiday on a vessel that has been designed to bring stability and comfort for you and your crew – choosing one of the available options is always a good idea.

But first, you must be asking yourself: Why is this vessel so popular?

The advantages of catamaran charter

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With so many available options for charter , picking the vessel that will best suit your needs and the needs of your carefully chosen crew can be a hard task to do. Still, once you have decided to put stability and size as two of the most important aspects that matter, choosing a catamaran is the choice you are looking for.

If you ask some experienced sailor with a true passion for boats and sailing in general – the reasons why picking a catamaran to make your sailing impeccable will become as clear as they can be.

Usually, the first reasons that make these vessels so unique are their privacy, comfort and the greatly organized sleeping arrangements that are making them perfect for a long trip without feeling the need to get off board simply because – you have it all in one place.

The size of the boat also plays a big role. The catamaran has a bigger space on the deck as well as the inside which adds up to the comfort for the duration of your sailing and make a great boat for parties while at the same time offer a minimum healing which is great if you are concerned about sea sickness. If you are worried about anchoring when picking a big-sized vessel, the catamaran is once again – a great selection. The drafts of these vessels are usually small and will allow you anchor in those secluded bays where you are eager to spend a day out of the sight of the world and enjoy your privacy while taking a good swim in the crystal-clear waters.

If you are worried about stability – once again, a catamaran is the best choice you can make. The two hulls that a cat has to offer a much better stability and stay at the same water level, an important aspect that will make your sailing trip less tiring and more fun.

To sum things up, when you pick the right time of the year, a catamaran will offer you smooth sailing, comfortable trip and the speed you need for reaching the sailing destination of your dreams.

Our available catamarans in Greece

If you have picked the amazing Greece along with her islands as the destination for your upcoming vacation – choosing a catamaran that will make your sailing even more exciting is the next step.

With so many available options at our site , picking the one that will best suit your character can be a hard mission. Still, learning a bit more of each one of the cats available to make your Greek sailing a trip worth remembering will ease the job and narrow the search.

catamaran charter in croatia

Many of our sailors would suggest the Athena 38 for a flawless discovery of the Ionian islands, the Aegean coastline and the small islets surrounding this wonderful place on Earth. This remarkable cruising vessel designed by the Fountaine Pajot in France has put a lot of care and attention while designing this boat. It’s seductive look, the great space inside and the great speed will most likely satisfy each taste. With space good enough for a crew of up to 12 people – this option is a great one if you are searching for a space good enough for night time parties and daytime enjoyment on the deck while getting amazed from the beauties of Zakynthos, Corfu, Thasos, Crete, or any other island or a coastal Greek spot that you have picked to explore.

Another great pick would be the Lagoon 52S that brings a whole new perspective of your cruising time spent in Greece. The perfect cabin-top design of this catamaran adds up to the elegant look while the original indoor space with up to 6 cabins provide enough space for your whole crew to feel as comfortable as possible.

Choosing a Nautitech 47 is another great option that is perfect for your crew of up to 10 people. The dynamic design and the powerful outside line of this catamaran make it a number 1 choice if you prefer a fast and powerful catamaran that will make your sailing in Greece simply unimaginable. The lounge area that offers a lot of space for relaxing is carefully designed to provide a great luxurious relaxation while at the same time all the amenities such as a wet bar, a barbecue area, and wonderful indoor extras will make you feel like you are travelling on a 5-starred apartment.

When talking about comfort, another great choice for your sailing trip in Greece is the marvellous Salina 48 catamaran. The largest one in the list offers double cabins that can perfectly accommodate your crew of up to 12 people. The contemporary communication system is just perfect for newbie sailors that are in search of something simple and easy to navigate while at the same time offers the comfort of a deluxe yacht with a generous space that will provide the comfiest and carefree sailing in those wonderful sea spaces available in Greece and the islands surrounding it.

Choosing one of our catamarans for unforgettable Italian moments

If you have decided to get away from the comfort of everyday life and spice up your life with a few weeks trip to the romantic Italian coast – there can be no better way to do it than on a catamaran.

Choosing the Lagoon 380 for charter in Italy is a great pick if you are in search of something easy to handle, safe and fast at the same time. The perfect comfort optimized by the multi-hulled design of this catamaran is something you would want to consider when taking in mind the harshness of the winds that blow around the Italian coast.  The strong performance of this vessel, along with the perfectly equipped interior is just indisputable.

catamaran charter in greece

Same counts for the Mattia 51 catamaran that is a perfect choice for an 11-people crew, equally safe and comfortable while at the same time equipped with everything a sailor could imagine – the autopilot, cockpit speakers, e-fridge and many other additional amenities that will add a deluxe feel to your sailing in Italy .

If you are in search of the ultimate relaxation boat created for a crew made of hedonists – the Helia 44 would be an excellent pick. The strength, speed and the modern design of this boat are the most important piece you are missing from the wonderful Italian sailing puzzle.

Choosing the best catamaran for a perfect Turquoise sailing

yacht charter catamarans in turkey

As Turkey is one of our top sailing destinations , we have tried hard to pick the best available choices on the market with one mission: to make your sailing trip in Turkey as relaxed as possible.

Besides the Lagoon 380 and the Athena 38– both available for charter in Turkey , a great option worth considering is the powerful Leopard 38 catamaran. The clever, yet simple design of this cat is a great choice for a Turkish sailing mainly because of the impeccable power and speed along with the open cockpit with panel zips that will protect you from the harsh Turkish sun.

Choosing this vessel to explore all those secluded bays and marvellous covers set at the Turkish coast is a great idea – as this catamaran is made easy to anchor at places where another type of vessel can’t approach.

Sailing in Spain on a catamaran – thoughts become things

catamaran charter in spain

If your next sailing destination is Spain , there can be no better way to explore the superb Spanish coast than on a carefully picked catamaran.
As much as Spain can impress you – so can the wonderful Beneteau Lagoon 400 catamaran. The wonderful unsuited with gorgeous double cabins along with the elegant line that goes perfectly with the elegance of the Spanish coast is a great pick for your upcoming sailing vacation .

Similarly, the Alliaura Marine Privilege 495 catamaran designed both for a safe and comfortable trip offering enough space and amenities for a great private cruising or a place to organize work cocktails and private parties while you enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Spanish coastline.

Visiting Croatia on a catamaran – living the dream

catamaran charter croatia

Can there even be a better way to explore the most picturesque coastline of the Adriatic Sea and the thousand wonderful islands and islets than on the comfort of your very own catamaran in Croatia ?

Besides the option to choose the proven quality of the Athena 38 or the Lagoon 380 cats, another excellent combination would be the Nautitech Open 40 catamaran. An ideal mix of a French elegance and a German endurance, this catamaran will amaze you with the wonderful line and the practical equipment that is suitable for any type of crew members – including kids. Besides the extraordinary performance, this catamaran has managed to offer you the best open cockpit area for the best view of those marvellous Croatian surroundings.

Explore the Maltese archipelago from the deck of a catamaran

Probably the best way to explore the islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo, the beautiful architectural sites, the famous Blue Lagoon, the wonderful secluded beaches and many more things you find attractive in this wonderful sailing destination is the view of a wonderful catamaran .

The easy anchoring that any catamaran offers thanks to the design of the vessel – visiting and enjoying the natural beauties of the bays of Malta such as the popular Golden Bay and the Island Bay, as well as the famous Blue Grotto, is now made easier than ever.

catamaran charter malta

With so many available options at Book2Sail and the fact that Malta is our top destination each year – picking a catamaran that will fit your requirements is guaranteed.
Whether you decide for the Athena 38, Lagoon 380, Nautitech 40 or many other catamarans available for charter from the heart of Malta – the experience of sailing a catamaran is incomparable.

Utilizing our easy to use a search engine will allow you to book the catamaran you already imagine yourself on for your upcoming holiday at the sea. If you are having doubts or difficulties choosing the catamaran that will transform your sailing into a one at a lifetime experience, you are at the right spot. Our customer service team is available for you 24/7 and is waiting for you to make the first step in the creation of the most cherished sailing holiday ever.

Relaxing while you travel around the most desirable sailing destinations and taking life at a slower rhythm while you enjoy the beauty of the sun, the sea and the summer with all its beauties can’t be done better than on a catamaran.

So why wait? Contact us today and get a free quote that will suit your dates, your destination and your available budget for that wonderful sailing time on one of our perfect vessels available for charter .