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Combine Cycling Trips while Sailing

Combine Cycling Trips while Sailing

Croatia needs no introduction. To the avid sailor, it is a haven of beauteous nooks and islands, surrounded by the Adriatic sea. Like a blue tapestry strewn with precious rocks, Croatia promises something new at every visit. You can imagine, therefore, what the country must seem like to the new visitor.

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Aerial view of Split and its harbor in Croatia

source: Googlets

Azure seas, historic fortress towns, national parks of impeccable beauty, lavender fields and hauntingly spectacular water caves. Yes, Croatia is quite the sailing spot. Whether this is your umpteenth visit or your very first makes no difference.

a man cycling in Croatia overlooking the seas


But what if you could combine your sailing trip with an adventure inland? What if you could sail and cycle your way through, to really absorb as much of the country as possible? Well, you can. The country is rich enough in natural beauty to be enjoyed from both sides of the coast. Let’s take a look at the locations that make for the ideal sailing and cycling trips.

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Split & Northern Dalmatia

city of Split and its surrounding landscapes ideal for cycling

source: Croatian Travel

From the sea, Split is a sprawling expanse of red-topped rooftops, crowned by Diocletian’s palace. Yachts and boats bob gently in the marina, the palm trees sway with the breeze carrying the voices and life emanating from within. Step inland and be part of the bustle. Cycle through the old palace and breathe in the new life seeping through its broad arches. Cycle uphill and enjoy the panoramic views of this UNESCO listed heritage. Hop back aboard your sailing boat and head to the seaside villages and islands; Rogoznica, Betina (Murter), Brbinj (Dugi Otok) amongst many others. Soak in the freshness of the air as you cycle through vineyards and historical sites against the ever-present backdrop of the Adriatic.

Southern Dalmatia

boats sailing the island of Brac in Southern Dalmatia


The islands which dot the Southern Dalmatia are known to offer some of the best spots for sailing. Each and every island offers an exquisite experience: the Mediterranean staple of gorgeous seas and lush greenery but also, the remarkable ability to be unique, standing out form the scores of other islands which surround it. Hvar, with an atmosphere reminiscent of the French Riviera hoards ancient streets behind its sophisticated facade.

a man cycling the seaside of Croatia

source: Interpid Travel

Cycle through these romantic alleyways and further inland, where picturesque lavender fields will greet you, leaving you with a lasting impression (if not scent). To the sailor, Korčula gratifies the eye with its changing typography, with a flat northern coast and a steep south. Cycle inland and the island will reward you with the best white wine in the region. Sail on to Zlatni Rat, Brac a tongue of sand jutting out over the sea on the island of Brac, making for postcard material photos while out at sea.

friends cycling in croatia

source: Total Croatia Cycling 

Cycle its perimeter to get a better feel of the place (and to really get some tough exercise while struggling through the sand. Don’t worry the views are well worth it). Finally on to Mljet, home to two national parks, with lakes, fields and charming villages, perfect, in short, to admire from without and within.

charter a yacht in Croatia

source: Financial Times

Croatia is and will always be, a slice of paradise this side of the world. Whether it’s for its well-kept historical sites, its clear seas perfect for sailing, or the variety in geographical features, Croatia holds everyone enthralled for reasons of their own.

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