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Corfu: The Grand Lady of the Ionian Islands

Sailing in Corfu promises a wide variety of encounters, from ancient landmarks and stunning coastline to spectacular rocky bays, and pristine beaches. Yes, this enchanting island in the Ionian Sea is a fascinating destination which never fails to delight visitors and all of this before even mentioning the many other cultural attractions on the island.

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friends enjoy swimming from a catamaran on Corfu


Over the years, the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, French and English people, have dominated Corfu and resulted in a large number of cultural heritage attractions, and historic monuments. Arguably the most notable of these influences are the first Greek University and the School of Fine Arts but then there also many museums, and iconic landmarks such as the Old Fortress, George Palace, the Church of Spyridon and the Old Town.

Richest of Cultural and Historical Heritage

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Exploring this island on a yacht charter Corfu Greece will allow you to experience a deep sense of culture while sailing in Corfu, where the museums are a prelude to many intriguing remnants in the present day. In fact, the Old Town is the most charming and romantic spot in Greece and serves as a perfect example of ancient Venetian and Byzantine art. Surrounded by clear blue sea and infused with a distinctly charming atmosphere, the stone staircases, Venetian walls, and hidden gardens of the old town offer a great insight into the rich culture to be found while sailing around Corfu.

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Paleopolis E Dintorni, to the north, to the south

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Located just four kilometers south of Corfu town, you will also find Paleopolis E Dintori, an archaeological site on the Kanoni peninsula. Walls surround the ancient Kerkyra, and this is an ideal place to visit while sailing around Corfu. Many buildings such as St. Eufemia monastery, Tito Palace, and the ancient amphitheater are still standing today.  Although there is really much more to uncover further north where the Canal d’Amour and Paleokastrista display their beauty.

Located on the northeast coast the island, several fjords and stunning rocky beaches appear along the coastline while sailing in Corfu. Behind every beach, you will also find the immense Pantokratoras Mountain and picturesque views while to the southern coast, beaches, resorts, and idyllic beaches are ideal for sunbathing on, during sporadic breaks from sailing around Corfu.

Here are some of the best beaches in Corfu.

Roda –  the longest beach on the island of Corfu

Gialos – ideal for sunbathing and relaxing

Sidari – popular tourist beach

Aghios Stefanou – beautiful bay surrounded by luscious hills

Arila – Quiet beach in Corfu

The beauty sailing in Corfu is the opportunity to immersive oneself in its culture, history, and natural beauty. Its strategic location attracts visitors and locals toward exploring these shores and learning the reasons for which it is known as the Grand Lady of the Ionian Islands. Complemented by beautiful weather, enticing attractions and colorful culture, sailing around Corfu on a yacht charter promise to be an unforgettable encounter with the Grand Lady of the Ionian Islands.

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