Discovering the Croatian Archipelago by Boat

yacht charter in croatia

Sailing in Croatia’s translucent seas makes you feel the power of natural beauty. Many visitors charter yachts when traveling to this Balkan country because of as much as you can enjoy it from its golden sandy beaches, nothing compares to seeing its shores reflected in the perfectly clear seas from your boat.

Once you secure your boat rental, you have over 1000 bays and harbors both on the islands or mainland where to berth and set anchor for overnights around Croatia’s 5951 km long coast. Whether you rent a boat or charter a yacht, skipper or no skipper – the incredible amount of harbors will put your mind at rest that you can easily find a safe haven close by if strong winds pick up. With such luscious options to choose from when sailing in Croatia – where do you start? Here are a few suggestions:


rent a boat in Split, Croatia

Definitely the best starting point to your sailing trip, with easy access to the islands of Vis, Hvar, and Korcula. When you get hold of a yacht in Croatia, these islands are a definite must to cruise around.

The Island of Hvar

boat rental in Hvar, Croatia

Although this island is best known for its coastline packed with olive fields and grapevines, its beaches make you spoilt for choice. If you like sandy beaches, head north, if what you’re after is pebbly beaches, then head south. After a beautiful day on this beautiful island and its waters, it’s definitely worth leaving your boat for a couple of hours and hitting Hvar’s marbled streets up to the Hektorović Palace, built in the Renaissance. Stroll up to the fortress to catch the sunset over the beautiful view of the harbor.

The Island of Vis

renting a boat in Vis, Croatia

Vis is the relaxing oasis you’re looking for, with both sandy and pebbly beaches as well.  Its forte is St. John’s bread – head inland for about 10km and you’re sure to find villages which sell it, as well as traditional taverns, preparing the most delicious local dishes of Croatian cuisine.

The Island of Korčula

charter a boat in Korcula, Croatia

The high walls and narrow streets built in the old town of Korčula, to shelter its inhabitants from high winds, will take you right back to the medieval times. Some dare calls it ‘mini-Dubrovnik’ – the world heritage town at the very South of Croatia. If you’re after some souvenirs, or if you have some kids to entertain with fun gifts, the market here in Korčula is you must go to place. Oh, and by the way, there’s plenty of ice-cream parlors to choose from if you want a refreshing treat. Don’t miss out the view up on the Tower at the Marco Polo Museum.  Legend has it, the world-famous sailor was born here, not in Venice.

Once you’ve done with all of that, head over to the best beach – Lumbarda. Or, if you’re after a pretty much exclusive beach day on your boat rental, sail around – there are various secluded spots for you to choose from!

The Island of Komiza

charter a yacht in Komiza, Croatia

Komiza’s renowned fishermen have turned their fish and seafood into traditional pieces of heaven. Don’t forget to ask for the local highly-esteemed wine to go with these delicious dishes! Well, it’s pretty clear that  renting a boat in Croatia will leave you constantly surprised at every corner, at every glimpse of a new island, at every bay, at every bite – the question is – when are you going?