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Discover the Wonders of the Island of Brac

Sailing in Croatia and visiting the island of Brac offers a unique window into of an authentic island life.  It is the largest island of central Dalmatian group of islands of Croatia. Divine beaches, delectable dishes, and the whitest stone in the world are some of the attributes that make this island one in a million. With its serene blue waters, taking a swim, climbing the highest peak on the Adriatic islands, or dining out with some delicious local dishes, the Island of Brac is an unforgettable destination and the perfect combination of natural beauty and interesting culture.

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This majestic island has rich historical heritage, and people have inhabited the island since the Paleolithic era. In fact, traces of the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Illyrian tribes, and Greek colonization still exist while later on, it was also under the Republic of Venice, Hungary, French Empire of Napoleon, Austria, Italy, Yugoslavia, a lot of European countries and empires have left a piece of their culture on the island.

Island Brac Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Atlas Croatia

That being said, there are many sides to the island which can be uncovered while sailing in Croatia and here are some of the most interesting things to do on the island:

Popular attractions on the island of Brac

Island Brac Museum

Island Brac Museum with Book2Sail

Source: Total Croatia News

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Located in Skrip, the oldest place in the island, traces of Illyrian, Roman, and Croatian still exists. It stands in the Radojkovic fort. Inside are the rich ethnographic collections dating from the old times such as the paintings, photographs, books, and monographs. There also stands an old Croatian church, Holy Ghost, a castle of the Carinic family, a gazebo, a cemetery, and the Church of Saint Helen. Walls that Illyrians made surround the area.

Wonderful Split Gate

Split Golden Gate with Book2Saill

Source: Panoramio

This is an extremely popular sailing route between the islands of Brac and Solta. The nearby Brac Town, Milna, contains the port for sailing boats and yachts. This town has the largest marina on the island. Sailing in Croatia is a great way to go around the island. Thus, yachting is a very popular means of absorbing the splendor of the isle.

Beaches to explore on a yacht charter around the island of Brac

The wide coastline and breathtaking beaches may just be the top reasons why tourists visit the island of Brac. One of which is the Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn, the most famous beach of Croatia. The shape-shifting beach is simply enthralling. The crystal-clear turquoise water that glistens in the sun is even more impressive while looking at any angle. The pine trees fringe the beach and provide shade from the hot sun. Be sure to check the activities and facilities such as paddleboats, volleyball, tennis, water ski, trampoline, sailing, diving and a whole lot more to find some lovely points of the Zlatni Rat Beach and its wonderful sights. Other wondrous beaches in Brac also include the:

Sutivan Beach

Sulivan Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Visit Sulivan

One of tourist’s favorite and it has a nearby town beach allowing easy access of refreshment and dining. The lovely lane on the sea edge makes it perfect for sightseeing, for the gorgeous scenery and sea views. There are numerous yacht charters in the area, which gives easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia:

Pucisca Beach

Pucisca Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Pucisca

What makes the amazing town of Pucisca fabulous are the long inlets going between the Pucisca and Polina Bay. These gems are fantastic to explore while sailing particularly the Luka Bay, which has about five calm and protected beaches for one’s taking.

Povlja Beach

Povlja Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Dalmatia Boat Transfers

With the calm turquoise water, the Povlja beach is simply enchanting. It surrounds a majestic fishing village with beautiful inlets that is perfect for exploration through sailing. Moving on, taking a yacht charter will reach even more breathtaking coastline and sandy beaches around the island.

Lovrecina Beach

Lovrecina Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Best Of Croatia

About 4 km from the island of Postira cradles a stunning forested bay, Lovrecina Beach. It is a very pleasant place to spend the day. Cafes and restaurant are available in the area serving local specialties. The remains Ancient Roman summer villa and early Christian Basilica stands on the way down. The beach has a beautiful sandy bottom that stretches around a hundred meters.

Murvica Beach

Murvica Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: BestofCroatia.EU

Few minutes up the coast of Bol Town, this beach with white sand and stunning location where pine trees overhang to provide shade radiates. Nothing can be a perfect way to get back to nature but by swimming and sailing in this peaceful sea.

Supetar Beach and Postira Beach

Supetar beach croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Isastudentblog WordPress

Postira Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Croatia Gems

These beaches are perfect places for sunbathing and swimming. It also has plenty of bays to go sailing around the area, going in either direction.

Splitska Beach

Znjan Beach Split Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Smokvina.HR

This sits between the town of Supetar and Postira. It highlights numerous picturesque beaches along the part of the island. It gives a fairy tale feeling by the seal. This place is perfect for the family day out and great if you stay near Skrip.

Sumartin Beach

Sumartin Beach Croatia with Book2Sail

Source: Sobrecroacia

Sumartin is a magical piece of coastline to explore every day through swimming, walking or sailing. It has a lovely stretch of white beach where you can find stunning hidden bays and coves. This beach provides fabulous views of Sumartin Town and the peaks of Makarska.

Diverse Villages on the island of Brac

villages in brac croatia

Source: Navis Yacht Charter

Each of the villages portrays its very own mentality on Brac including Boi, Sumartin, Povlja and Postira. Each of these pearls of Adriatic Sea has a church and unique tower bells.  However, what makes them united are the food and milk product from sheep, olive trees, wine and the world famous white stone that people exploited since ancient Rome. Interestingly, there is about 25000 sheep in the island, which makes Vitalac, the most famous sheep specialty for the brave.

Indeed the Island of Brac cradles many attractions which are easy to access with a yacht charter in Croatia, and when you witness the pristine coastline of this small landmass in the Adriatic Sea, you will understand why this is a destination best explored on a yacht charter in Croatia.

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