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Diving paradise – Let’s run through the top five hotspots

We can all agree that this tiny green and blue marble we call home possesses some of the most mesmerising and awe-inspiring sights known to man. Mother nature is continually revealing to us the most unimaginable beauty. Wherever we seem to wander, we are met by intricate, rich and diverse environments, often so subtle we miss them. In fact, much of our planets flora and fauna does not voluntarily present itself so blatantly, it must be sought out and discovered. For those with patience and a sharp eye, the natural treasures concealed within our wonderful home await.

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However, as many of us are already well aware, our waters, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, offer just as much of an abundance of glorious, natural marvels – and with only five percent of our oceans having been explored to date, well, who knows what’s out there waiting to be admired.

The waters offer a completely different experience to being on land. When beneath, your senses are altered. Engulfed, many cite a sense of peace and tranquillity unachievable elsewhere. This serene environment offers a unique perspective to the diver, detached from the chaos, you may very well find yourself quickly becoming enchanted by the almost hypnotising displays of fluorescent synchronisation by shoals of fish, weaving between the most spectacularly decorated marine vegetation. Or perhaps you may like to place yourself in the humbling presence of a pod of whales or dolphins, watching as they gracefully navigate the waters, clicking, whistling and pulsing as they go, a truly wondrous symphony if there ever was one to be enjoyed. Diving can be a potent therapy for the soul, if you haven’t already been, go – thank us later.

If you want great diving adventure you need a few things: diving equipment, boat or a yacht (you can always rent one) and a friend/s.

So, where is the best scuba diving in the world you say? Let’s have a very brief rundown of the top five places to scuba dive:

1). The Red Sea, Egypt

Red Sea, Egypt diving

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Known the world over to have on offer some of the clearest waters you will ever experience and one of the best places to scuba dive, the Red Sea’s warm, calm waters contain some of the most vibrant and varied marine life in the natural world, along with multiple ship-wrecks and magical reefs to explore – this location really does offer one of the best places in the world to scuba dive.

2). Savusavu, Fiji

Fiji Fantasy

This palm-clad Fijian diving paradise is fantastically picturesque – renowned for its reefs and soft corals, this blessed location is teaming with incredible marine wildlife, an absolute must-visit, potentially one of the worlds best dives.

3). Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Diving with sea turtle

Specifically, for the night dive, lights positioned on the seabed lure an innumerable amount of aqua life, of which most memorably, may just be the manta rays. These elegant creatures glide effortlessly through the water, coming within inches of you, making for an unforgettable experience. Definitely one of the best diving islands.

4). La Paz, Mexico

Aerial panoramics from Espiritu Santo Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

French naval officer, explorer and polymath Jacques Cousteau notably dubbed the Sea of Cortez “the world’s aquarium”, and for jolly good reason. La Paz really offers variety when it comes to diving – Shipwrecks, night diving with mantas, reefs, sea lions, whale sharks and humpbacks, you would be right in thinking you’d be spoiled for choice – La Paz makes for a fantastic scuba diving trip.

5). Bali, Indonesia

Bali offers some great diving opportunities, Liberty Wreck being one of them. At a very manageable depth and with such clarity and calmness of the water, this is a fantastic option for those looking for a magical, relaxed dive. Definitely worth a stop.


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