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Here are a few of the most frequently asked yacht charter questions, if you have a question unanswered by this section, please do get in touch.

What are some of the key preparations I should consider prior to my yacht charter?

Travel Documentation

Always ensure you have some form of acceptable identification, in legible condition and valid.


Double check that both you and other individuals in your group remember to bring important medications that you are currently being prescribed, accounting for the amount of time you will be at sea.

Money & Additional expenses

It would be prudent to budget for slightly over what you anticipate spending. Charter related expenses will be made known, however you never know whether you will need something once travelling.


Set aside some time look up the areas you intend on visiting, both whilst chartering (as part of your anticipated itinerary) and whilst travelling to the location at which you will begin your charter.


As with any journey or holiday, ensure you have adequate toiletries, perhaps some favored foods and snacks.


Bring the types of clothing that will, in your estimation, suit the weather conditions of the location in which you will be chartering. It may be handy to spend some time researching a few sailing blogs and weather forecasts.


All necessary equipment should be found already aboard (including safety equipment and anything required to properly operate the vessel. Though you may like to bring a few extra mod-cons to ensure you have the best of experiences.

What is the best way to choose the right vessel and charter for me?

Choosing the best vessel for you and those joining you on your yacht charter, would be dependent on your personal preference. Though we recommend considering the following points:

  • Your level of experience
  • Where you will be chartering
  • The time of year and associated weather conditions
  • The ages and competence of both yourself and those in your group

It would be very helpful for you to conduct some basic research pertaining to all of the above, by way of asking those who you know have chartered the type of vessel or been to the location you are considering, before. Yacht charter blogs and other relevant websites that will offer you an understanding of the key factors you should consider.

And of course, we are more than happy to help you with your decision.

Do I need a licence to charter a yacht?

That all depends on where you intend to charter. If you would like to charter a yacht within Europe, the answer would be yes. It is important to remember that the correct licencing and/or documentation for your charter is your responsibility and we would strongly advise you to enquire into the legal prerequisites of your chosen charter region, taking care to note any differences if you are to cross maritime boarders.

Regarding Europe, you will require an International Certificate of Competence, also known as the ICC.

What is an APA?

As a rule of thumb, the fee you pay for your charter, includes the rental of the vessel and the necessary crew to operate it, all other expenses associated with the charter are separate and are financed by the APA, which stands for the Advance provisioning allowance.

The APA generally amounts to 30% of the total charter fee, though this may vary depending on the vessel.

Dockage fees, fuel, communications and food & beverages will all be financed by the APA. Any remaining money from the APA at the end of the charter, will be returned to you.

What happens if the owner/captain does not show up, or is late?

All boat owners are bound to have someone meeting charterers on the day of charter. It is important that you as a charterer notify us if there is something wrong with your charter. For more information read the charterer’s policy.

What is the best type of vessel for a novice sailor, or those with young children?

For those new to sailing or simply being aboard a vessel, or perhaps have young children; we would highly recommend taking a look at some of the catamarans we have to offer – especially if you intend to venture away from the shores.

Catamarans are well known for their stability, they are naturally buoyant, making it very unlikely for them to capsize. They typically offer a larger surface area, making them great for family charters.


What is a bareboat charter?

Simply put, a bareboat charter is one in which the vessel is rented without a skipper or crew. Meaning you (or someone accompanying you on the charter) will need to posses the correct nautical licencing (and in some cases, relevant experience) to captain the vessel.

If you have never captained a vessel nor have the necessary experience (or would just rather have someone skipper the boat for you), no worries. You are able include a skipper with your charter.

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