Greece – Sailing in the Seas of the Gods

You can be lost for a lifetime cruising around the Greek islands, happily loss of course. Sailing in Greece is by far the spot in the Mediterranean with the most islands to choose from – over 1400 – ranging from little islets with secluded beaches to the more uptown, famous ones like Mykonos and Santorini.

rent a boat in santorini greece

With such a huge amount of options, you could easily get overwhelmed when  renting a yacht in Greece – so here are our favourites, ones we’ve gone to and fell in love with ourselves, while cruising on our yachts.


charter a boat in lefkada greece

Setting out from the small fishing village of Sivota of Lefkas Island, was a great start to our private  yacht charter Greece. We strolled around town, through the pedestrian main shopping street, past cafes and beautifully decorated Venetian churches, in the morning. Then just after a delicious lunch in one of the taverns in this natural harbour, we set sail and headed towards Meganisi, our first destination in our island hopping adventure.


rent a boat in Meganisi greece

As we got in under the cliffs holding up the picturesque village of Spartahori, our skipper suggested we talk the walk up to the village and enjoy a chilled beer, looking out at the view and boy was it worth it.  That night we moored at Port Atheni after a delicious dinner on board our private rented yacht.  The next day, after some luscious floating around, we ventured inland – first to the old village of Katomeri and then we planned to have a relaxing night – only we ended up joining in their Greek dancing!

Goat Bay and Palairos

charter a boat in goat bay greece

Our favourite snorkel spot was surely here in the clear waters of Goat Bay, then sugar coating the end of a beautiful day sailing around the Greek shores, with a crackling orange sunset in Palairos – note it down.  It’s a must see.

Kastus and Kalamos

rent a boat to Kastos, Greece

Until recently these idyllic harbours on these traditional Greek islands were relatively isolated but the locals’ welcoming nature, have made them a spot people find hard to leave.

Egremini Beach

rent a boat in Egremini Beach Greece

In Lefkada, with its white sands and fine pebbles, perfectly comfortable for some sunbathing on land.  Surfing is possible here for those who dare be a bit more active.

Porto Katsiki

rent a boat in Porto Katsiki Greece

Set under steep hills, this beach is favourite, attracting thousands of visitors each year – only, you’ll have your chartered private yacht – making it almost exclusive as you enjoy floating around your anchored boat. The sunset here was definitely the most paradisiacal we experienced.


charter a boat in Kalamitsi, Greece

If you have children on board your rented boat, this is ideal.  Just about 5km away from the town of Preveza, under the shade of eucalyptus trees, this large, sandy beach has great clean, shallow waters for the whole family to enjoy.

And last but not least, even though pretty popular, don’t miss…


rent a boat in Mykonos, Greece

The Island of the Winds, where the ground is cobblestoned and the locals have dinner at around 10pm.  There are so many gorgeous random beaches around, if you just let yourself sail around, you’re sure to find a secluded spot that feels just as private as your rented boat.

chartering a boat to Santa Marina Mykonos, Greece

As you see we can’t quite stop recommending little bits of heaven all around when sailing in Greece – just trust us, wherever you go, you’re sure to get one of the best chartering experiences of your life.