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How to Spend a Day on a Yacht in Brac, Croatia

Simply put, Brac is the most popular island in Croatia for good reason. Featuring sublime food, stunning coastline, ancient remnants and plenty of excuses to get active; you could spend a week yachting around this enchanting island and still only scratch the surface.

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With that said, here are some ideas for the best way to spend one day on a yacht charter Croatia in Brac:

Enjoy a breakfast with locals in Brac, Croatia

breakfast on Brac island in Croatia


Before setting sail, venture onto the mainland and enjoy a healthy breakfast in Brac town. While the number of excellent restaurants may feel slightly overwhelming at first, just know that you cannot go wrong at Kapacini which has a wealth of options and is also extremely popular with the locals.

Set sail for the beaches

private beach on Brac island in Croatia


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Having enjoyed a nice breakfast, set sail for the southern end of the island, where you can relax on some of the best beaches in Croatia. The reason for this is because sand tends to be softer and a lot finer than elsewhere on the island.

Zlatni Rat might be the most famous of the beaches in Brac but the further south you should find that both Murvika and Pvlja offer some of the most stunning stretches of sand but without the crowds, you find on other parts of the island.

Visit Bol and hike to the summit of Vidova Gora


cute little church on Brac island


Bol is not very far from the above beaches, which makes it a rather convenient stop for the next point of interest, Vidova Gora. Towering high above the town, the summit of Vidova Gora may not appeal to every traveller but the luscious surroundings on the way up most certainly will. Just don’t forget to pick up some lunch and drinking water before you head out on one of the hiking trails.

Aside this from this particular mountain, there is also a nice hiking trail from Murvica to “Dragon’s Cave” which can save you a lot of time, if you choose not to visit Bol.

Visit a winery in Bol (or Nerezisca)

Stina Winery on Brac island


Again, time is of the essence so if you do not feel like sailing to Nerezisca, there is a beautiful winery next to Bol by the name of Stina Winery. Arguably the most state of the art winery in Bol, you are sure to find a genuine taste of the island in this quaint establishment.

Indeed, Croatia is not known as a world leader in terms of wine but the winemaking process is the very same here and the popularity of these wineries amongst visitors speaks for itself.

Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner on the yacht

Having a yacht charter offers genuine convenience to a trip around Brac but also, some truly memorable experiences. One of these is to enjoy the sunset, with a fine wine and dinner on your very own private yacht. Having finished up the wine tour, you should find the ingredients for this dinner without any problem and this is most certainly the case if this happens to be in Bol.

While one day in Brac is never enough, all of the above would certainly be a wonderful way to experience some genuine variety on the island without travelling between destinations throughout the day.


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