Sailing around the South of Italy

The Southern shores of Italy have a yes-or-yes decision factor. Should you go or should you go?

Of course, the first places that come to mind when chartering a boat in Italy is where the stars go – Civitavecchia and Amalfi.  Sure, there are many reasons why millionaires and billionaires favour these locations but we’ve made sure to include our personal less famous spots too – for you to enjoy on your  boat rental in Italy.


boat rental in civitavecchia italy

While cruising around Civitavecchia’s shores, you can enjoy a peek at Forte Michelangelo, dating back to the 2nd century, while still sailing, or you can set anchor and treat yourself to a thermal bath in Ficoncella and the Terme Taurine.  The ace up its sleeve though, is that it’s just a 2-hour drive away from Rome where you can see the wonder of the Colosseum or simply walk on the Sampietrini, the same cobbled streets the ancient Romans walked on if you want to tick that off your bucket list.


boat rental in amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast, further down, boasts a 50km coast freckled with pastel coloured villages but also home to natural beauties you can visit without leaving your chartered boat, such as the bluish green splendour of the  Grotta dello Smeraldo – the emerald cave, what else could they name it?

When you’re there make sure to try the  Limoncello, made by locally harvested lemons or the wine of one of the terraced vineyards between the cliffs and the sea.


charter a boat in positano italy

If upscale shopping is what you’re after – Positano’s your spot.  It’s worth a stroll, even if just for window shopping.


rent a boat in tropea italy

For a less star cluttered destination, sail over to Tropea – the walled city built high up above the blue Mediterranean Sea, with its golden shores seemingly decorated with a piercing light blue ribbon all around.  Whatever you do, get off your chartered boat for a few hours and head to the beach.  You have to feel the Tropean sand – it’s soft enough to enjoy a tailor-made sunbathing base with a simple waddle from your side, but it’s its thickness that makes it unique – a couple of rubs and your body is free of any trace of sand! You won’t be bringing  this sand back to the boat.

If you’re brave enough, take the 100+ steps up to the city and enjoy an artisan ice-cream up in the main street,  Il Corso.  Then walk down to the end of it and get an aerial view of Tropea’s signature landmark – the little island with the chapel on it.


boat rental in gallipoli italy

Further East, on the very heel of the boot you can sail over to Gallipoli, another spot of the peninsula pretty much reserved for locals. The crystal clear waters here are often compared to those in the Caribbean, and when you’ll see them you’ll understand why. If partying is on your mind, Gallipoli can offer various good open air clubs to dance all night on those Summer nights.

Whatever your pick, just immerse yourself not only into the wondrous seas of this peninsula but also in its cuisine.  You can never go wrong with food in Italy, wherever you go it will range from delicious to spectacular.  Think about it – why would Italian cuisine have conquered the world otherwise?

Be warned – you might not want to leave.