Malta – The All in 1 Charter Dream

When you look for it on the map, it might look like only a dot under Italy, but Malta and its islands are a famous sailing destination for  yacht charters for many reasons.

yacht charter in Malta & Gozo

The winds blowing in the center of the Mediterranean, around these islands are only one reason why the smallest country state in Europe, is a well-sought sailing destination. Its small size means that aside from enjoying its clean seas and distinct shores while sailing, you can move inland and visit its old towns, restaurants and the lively Maltese life in no time.

History in Valletta & The Three Cities

charter a yacht in Valletta, Malta

If history intrigues you –  Malta is the place for you to charter a yacht.

Setting sail from one of the central harbors like Msida or Sliema, you can savor the view of the old walls of the Medieval capital city of Valletta on your right, built by the Knights Hospitallers in the 1500s.  The big bastions that once safeguarded the Maltese people from invaders are now a prominent piece to look at, at any time of day but especially when lit at night.

Sailing around it, you’ll experience first-hand the splendor of the Grand Harbour – a natural haven for small boats and cruise liners alike. If you sail further East towards The Three Cities, you can tour around the shores and just let their walls whisper to you tales of times long gone. Setting anchor in the Vittoriosa Marina, you can either go straight ahead for a delicious Mediterranean meal or you can allow yourself a stroll.  Walking through the old alleys and houses with their colorful balconies is an effortless pleasure.

Natural Beauty in the South

charter a yacht to St peter's pool malta

For untouched natural beauty when chartering a yacht, ask your skipper to sail into a local sailing favorite, pretty much unknown to tourists –  Il-Harriet.  Drop your anchor in its deep, clean waters, with a background of Maltese countryside and just float around all day. Until the ice cream man comes with his speed boat, that is, tempting everyone into having an ice-cold treat. Go on, have one – you’ve been working out swimming or working hard on your tan, whichever way, you deserve it.

Restaurants & Shopping

If on another day, you fancy good restaurants, some shopping and why not, a trip to the Casino – set your sails towards the Sliema and St. Julian’s area. The long promenade across these 2 towns makes for a perfect power walk or jog. Drop the boat off in Spinola Bay and work out your way towards Qui Si Sana – you’ll get to see why it’s a favorite with locals.

boats and yachts in Spinola Bay, Malta

Later on, unless you fancy a fresh meal on board your chartered boat, you can pick any of the wide selection of restaurants preparing local food such as octopus stew or fried rabbit, to Mediterranean classics like pizza and home-made pasta.

If shopping is what you fancy – walk around the same promenade for shops, or head towards the Qui Si Sana area in Sliema for a couple of malls with worldwide renowned brands.

Unique Spots

What makes a sailing trip to Malta unique, though, is venturing to the Northern and Western coasts. Cruising under the 250m high Dingli Cliffs with the wind in your sails, all the while watching the sun set behind the minute island of Filfla, is definitely something you can’t miss. You can watch the video of Island Filfla, Malta on the link below, sponsored by Malta Airport.

yacht charter to Filfla, Malta

Youtube Video:

Up North, you can enjoy the Gnejna virgin beach, the secluded Slugs bay or drop your anchor and head towards Popeye’s Village to visit the original film set, Robin Williams worked on in 1981.

yacht chartering to Popeye Village, Malta

History, culinary delights, natural beaches, nightlife – Malta has it all.

yacht charter in Comino, Malta

P.S. Venturing away to the sister islands of Gozo and Comino will reward you with more natural eye candy.