Welcome to Croatia

No it is not Croatia nestled at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. Croatia, a country extraordinary is its abundance of stunning natural attractions, the magnificent Adriatic coastlines and the outstanding Plitvice Lakes, all waiting to be admired and adored by the positively stimulated and inspired.

Croatia the “New Riviera,” Croatia has become a must-go destination increasingly, for all types of travellers, Croatia proudly possess its share of historic ruins and medieval cities, but what makes this country exceptional, is its wealth of spectacular natural attractions such as the Plitvice Lakes , the natural beauty of the National Parks and fabulous Adriatic coastline.

Enjoy exploring and meandering in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, wander through ancient walled towns such as Split, Zada, and Istria, but for the fun loving, in contrast, Hvar is where super yachts adorned by the rich and famous are moored in the harbour amid beautiful white stoned Venetian renaissance buildings, trendy bars and bistros.