Welcome to Greece

Geographically Greece is surrounded by water on a mountainous peninsula, with 13,676 km of coastline but only 168 are inhabited of the staggering 2,000 Greek islands.

Whether you are discovering the Ancient 3,500-year-old ruins of Mycenae - home of Agamemnon, probing 6,000 years of parable and legend, gazing in awe at the Acropolis, or just partying the night away at one of Greece’s renowned hedonistic party islands and enjoying the best nightlife experience in the Mediterranean. Only by boat with over 2,000 islands more than 13,676 km of coastline can you fully appreciate the joy.

Greece a country that gave birth to exquisite art, philosophy, democracy, theatre, and the mythological credence of the twelve Gods and Goddesses from Aphrodite to Zeus of the Ancient Greek Pantheon.

Greece has during the summer, two weeks of feast, partying and fun events, beginning from the Sunday of Meat Fare and ends with the first day of the Lent Carnival called "Apokries" and stems from ancient festivities of worshiping Dionysus, the God of wine. Parties take place in the streets and bars, throwing coloured confetti at each other, where everyone is costumed and the most famous Greek Carnival Parade takes place in the city of Patra.