Welcome to Spain

Spain has 19 Regions and Islands and occupies the Iberian Peninsula, on the South Western shore of Europe and north of Africa, on the Western side Spain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered on the east by the Mediterranean Sea and is separated from the continent of Africa by the Straits of Gibraltar, on the Southern side, Northeast of Spain, is the Pyrenees Mountains and France and on the Western periphery is Portugal.

Discover the traditions of the Basque Country, the Moorish heritage of Andalucía in the South, to the elevated mountains of the Picos de Europa in the North. The best wine in Spain is produced in La Rioja, close to the Basque Country, La Rioja a great excursion from San Sebastian or Bilbao.

Take part in gastronomic tasting that’s celebrated from region to region, Logrono has some of the best tapas in the country. Paella Spain's most famous dish has no seafood at all in the traditional version! Tapas and Pinchos is about how and where to eat it. Tapas is food in small portions, preferably eaten with a drink standing up socialising and is part of a bar hopping culture. Jerez de la Frontera - Jerez is derived from Arabic and has now become synonymous with the English word ‘Sherry’ with its worldwide reputation for its Sherry and Brandy production. but equally famous for its Flamenco dancing and exquisite fine horses. Truly discover the rich history and beauty and throughout Spain, whether it is in the scorching Castilian heartlands, Seville, Granada Madrid or in the Balearic and Canary Islands. It is a must to indulge in Spanish repute like Tapas, Flamenco dancing, be part of the Tomatina Tomato Fight, Pamplona Running of the Bulls or watch the infamous bullfighters who for centuries have participated in the spectacle.