Welcome to Turkey

Turkey located in part west of the Bosphorus, it borders the Black Sea between Bulgaria and Georgia and bordering the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea, between Greece and Syria.

Turkey is an enchanting blend of antiquity and fashionable diversity of East and West. Explore captivating Unesco sites, blue flag beautiful beaches, modern and historic museums and art galleries, Sail on traditional wooden ‘Gullets ‘ Dance the night away in stylish nightclubs or visit Turkish Meyhanes and enjoy authentic belly dancing.  

A 20-year tourism plan which was implemented in 2003, to promote many niches of travel within Turkey. Turkey is recognised as third in the world for its number of official Blue Flag beautiful beaches. Patara has the longest beach stretching 18 kilometres, protects endangered sea turtles. A transcendent experience, sailing the deep water bays and rugged mountainous Turkish coastline.

Turkey offers many themed travel holidays from Spa and Wellness Pampering to Outdoor Adventure holidays, More than 700,000 square kilometres of land, awaits nature lovers providing a vast choice of outdoor activities. But Hot Air Balloon trips in Cappadocia are Turkey’s most popular outdoor fun activity.