Personal Profile

How do I create my profile?

To create a profile is very easy once you visit the system www.book2sail.com you will see a link at the top ‘Join’. With Book2Sail you can either join using your Facebook account or by entering the details in our registration form.

How do I edit my profile?

Once you register and you log in, you will have access to the User Profile page. The user profile page can be accessed using the link at the top of the menu. There you will find access to modify your profile information and other information related to your account.

How do Ratings work?

Ratings are a way to reward boat owners for their service within the Book2Sail community. Once a booking is completed the charterer can leave a feedback on the service offered by the Boat Owner. All ratings are moderated to cater for abuse.

How does using “Wishlist” work?

The wishlist is a system where you can save boats that you like while browsing the system. When you see a boat that you like you can click the star icon at the top of the boat image and this will be saved to your wishlist. If you click on the star icon again it will be removed from your wishlist. Your wishlist can be accessed through the profile page.

How do I reset my login details?

If you do not remember your password we will provide you with a reset link to change it. Go to the login page and click ‘Forgot Password’, then enter your account email. The system will send you an email with a link to reset the password. Once that is done you can login using your new saved password.

Boat Owners

How do I list my boat?

To list your boat you need to click ‘List My Boat’, you will be asked to log in with your credentials. If you are not registered you can create an account by clicking ‘Sign Up Now’. Once this is done you have five steps to list your boat, which include:

  • Boat Information
  • Boat Location
  • Boat Features & Amenities
  • Boat Photos & Documents
  • Boat Calendar & Pricing

After filling all this information, the Book2Sail team will review your boat, and after approval, it will be ready for charter.

What is the Fuel Policy?

We suggest that Boat Owners always provide fuel for every charter, however as explained in our Boat Owner’s Policy, it is up to the boat owner to include fuel in the price or exclude it.

How much should I charge for renting my boat?

Book2Sail will always allow boat owners to charge whatever they want. However, we are always ready to help you with charter pricing, as we monitor the market for current prices.

How do I receive funds from Book2Sail?

To receive funds from Book2Sail you need to update your payment information in your user profile. Please note that this option is enabled only if you have a boat listed with Book2Sail. We process funds 24 hours after the start of the charter and the net amount will be transferred directly to your bank account.

How do Booking Requests and Booking Confirmations work?

When a charterer wants to charter a boat from Book2Sail, the system will send the Boat Owner a booking request via email. The Boat Owner will have 24 hours to confirm or decline the booking, once that is done the transaction will be processed for the booking. We suggest that Boat Owner reply within the stipulated timeframe, this will help in giving you more trust within the Book2Sail community

How do I communicate with the charterer?

This is done once a booking is confirmed; we at Book2Sail want that the transaction is as easy as possible. This is why we will give information to all parties so they can communicate freely.

Renter’s Help

What is the cleaning policy upon returning the boat?

We suggest that the boat is returned the same state as it was given to you on the day of charter. Respect the boat and boat owner so everyone is happy and you everyone enjoys the Book2Sail experience.

What happens if the captain does not show up or is late?

All boat owners are bound to have someone meeting charterers on the day of charter. It is important that you as a charterer notify us if there is something wrong with your charter. For more information read the charterer’s policy.

Do I need a boating license to charter a boat?

Unless you are planning to go for a bareboat charter than you do not need a license. All Boat Owners will ask for licenses before accepting a bareboat charter to take place. For your safety, we ask you to respect the policies and be safe while boating, especially when you are using someone else’s vessel.

What is Book2Sail’s cancellation policy?

We try as much as possible, to safeguard all parties with our policies. For ease of reference, we suggest that you read all policies especially Charterer’s Policy

How do I search for a boat?

Book2Sail has made it very easy to search for a boat; currently, there are two ways for doing so:

Using the Search on the homepage

By using the search fields on the homepage you can select the location, start date, and end date to find a boat available for those criteria’s.

Using Explore Boats & Yachts

By using the ‘Explore Boats & Yachts’ you can browse through all the Book2Sail available boats, and find the one that suits your needs. Using our Filtering system you can filter down using activities, type of boat & amenities. If you do not find what you want in our catalog of boats, do not hesitate to contact us where our team, will help you find your dream boat to charter.