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A unique approach to sailing: Powerboat charter

Dreaming of long cruises at perfect destinations or quick trips filled with adventurous activities at the sea? Sailing is the answer, especially when you consider chartering a powerboat that offers all kinds of pleasure for everyone’s taste.

Boating opens horizons of all kinds suitable for any kinds of activities such as fishing, diving, daytime swimming at some exclusive spots unreachable in any other way or a simple serene sailing that will fill up your senses with nothing but positive vibes from the sea and the space beyond it.  To get the most out of this kind of sailing – choosing the proper powerboat in Greece is the first thing you have to take care about, and then everything else will go on smoothly and relaxed, just as a sailing time should look like.

Types of Powerboats available for charter

If you are among the majority of people that don’t own a boat but enjoy sailing as a summertime activity – don’t worry. A great number of power boats are available for charter at Book2Sail at the most affordable prices found elsewhere. Still, before you consider chartering and heading up to one of our top destinations: Malta, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Greece or Turkey, getting to know a bit more about the characteristics of the different powerboat types in Malta is a must for any new or experienced sailor.

Choosing a low profiled motor boat such as the bay boat can be suitable for shallow bays or cuddy cabins that have a low storage area and a smaller lounge area will be a great choice if your idea of sailing includes fishing or travelling at a very small group of people – up to 4. Similarly, choosing a dinghy is a great pick for new boaters or sailors that prefer low-cost charter and visiting some little sea spaces near the shore.

power boat charter in spain

When your main sailing mission is fishing – powerboats such as the express fishermen boats or the fish and ski boat are designed especially for this kind of sport and are great to suit a small family or a small group of friends while at the same time offer many of the amenities as the bigger powerboats do – with the only notable difference of being smaller and easier to navigate. Same counts for the bass boats or the bow riders – types of power boats that are excellent for water adventures – again, close to the shore.

If you belong to those sailors that are a bit more experienced in the world of sailing – choosing a center console boat that is great for offshore adventures, as well as the cruisers that offer a great space for an overnight stay in the cabins can impress you to the point that you would like to start your sailing trip as early as tomorrow.

Preparing for a sailing trip that includes destinations where the seas are rough and the weather conditions are not ideal – choosing a pilothouse boat are always a great way to go. The main use of these boats is fishing, but the enormous space both outboard and inboard is great enough for a flawless trip at any destination that comes up on your mind.
For the more conservative sailors that prefer stability over everything else – the best choice would be a pontoon boat that is up to 30 feet long and own a deck large enough to comfort a big crew.

power boat charter greece

Chartering a PWC – a personal watercraft offer a totally different but equally reliable approach to sailing. The jet drive power of these boats is designed to give comfort to up to 4 people. The reason why these powerful boats are so popular is their low price and great value as they can offer the same comfort and amenities as the larger boats or yachts with the only exception that for many sailors are a big advantage: the intimate space to share all the fun and impressions from the wonderful sailing moments, no matter the destination.

If you are about to choose some destination that requires a long sailing time and reaching out places that are far away from the shore – choosing a walk around is an excellent preference. The cabin space large enough to walk around is just ideal for these kinds of trips where a smaller deck area just won’t be enough.

When it comes to water adventures of all kinds – the unbeatable best choice is the wakeboard boat that is specially designed for water boarding, water skiing or diving.

Most of the boats available at our site are offering a remarkable speed ready to satisfy whichever activity you are planning for the duration of your vacation at the sea.

Our power boats in Malta

Enjoying a time spent at the wonderful Islands of Malta, Comino or Gozo – or all the three combined in one single vacation cannot be better than on the deck of a powerboat.

One of the most searched powerful boats for an unimpeachable cruise around the Malta archipelago appears to be the Reful HM 22 Flyer 90hp. This boat is perfect for a crew of up to six people that can freely accommodate in the cabin during the nights or the warm Maltese days, or choose to enjoy the sundeck for a marvelous panoramic view of the wonderful spots found at the heart of Malta and beyond.

power boat charter malta

The Chaudron 21 power boat, on the other hand, offers a space good enough for a larger group of people and offer an outstanding performance and fully equipped indoor space. This lifestyle boat is excellent for a longer cruise that will enable you to catch every single Maltese spot worth visiting.

Ready for your unforgettable Greek vacation on a powerboat

If your next vacation spot is a place like Greece – a powerboat fast enough to take you to the endless list of islands, islets, bays and all the other gorgeous places the marvellous Greece offers to the tourists – and especially sailors; is a must.

lexus power boat charter

Choosing the KFR Rib boat is an excellent choice that is ready to take you to an unforgettable beach exploration and allow you to take a close-up look at all those faraway islands you have always dreamed of visiting.
Choosing a smaller group of up to eight people and chartering the KFR Rib is the best decision you can make before heading up to your sailing vacation at the Ionian or the Aegean Seas – or ideally, both of them. As this powerboat comes with a professional skipper – what’s left up to you is to prepare your camera and catch those marvellous sunsets, beautiful waters, and landscapes surrounded with olive trees – a picture worth remembering.

Picking one of our power boats in Spain– a start of your memorable trip

A trip to Spain can never go wrong, and a sailing trip to Spain on a power boat is the best thing that a sailor could wish for. With numerous choices available for charter at the wonderful Spain including the top picks each season: Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Menorca, the coastal part of Spain and every other place you have put in your Spanish sailing itinerary can be easy to achieve once you charter a boat that offers the ultimate stability, comfort, speed and a great design you can be proud of.

power boat charter spain

The Glastron 185 GTS that usually starts from the Port Adriano in Spain is a great pick for any sailor. In case you are not feeling ready enough to go bareboat – choosing a captain that will lead you throughout your sailing time in Spain is an option available when you are booking your dates of this beauty called Glastron. This stylish boat that comes with bold colors and the powerful look will make you feel like a king of the sea from the beginning till the end of your sailing trip, far away from the crowdedness of the coast. and close enough to the true beauties of the sea and the untouched spots along the many islands of Spain.

Another great choice when considering a cruise around Spain is the powerful Rinker 226 Captiva that is a redesigned version of the old, well-established Rinker boats that provide the ultimate stability and the fastest ride along with a low fuel consumption: everything a sailor could wish for.

When thinking about a smaller boat that will be suitable for a smaller crew and an intimate sailing that will allow you to enjoy the Spanish moments at your own pace – a great choice would be the Chaparral SSI 204 or the Scanner 710: both excellently designed vessels that will make you want to come back and repeat the experience at least once more.

If you are preferring a more carefree trip or don’t feel confident enough to navigate a power boat by yourself – then choosing the Zodiac Medline 8.5 for a cruise around Spain is an excellent pick. This captained boat equipped with a powerful and fully reliable Yamaha engine will accommodate your big group of up to eleven friends. The big enough space to enjoy all the activities you are dreaming of is a great match for those looking for a total relaxation at the gorgeous sea space. The great design of the deck is perfect for some laid-back dinners or an excellent day time-off with few cocktails that will add up to the great Spanish atmosphere.

Getting the most out of your powerboat sailing experience

Whichever boat you have chosen for creating some favourable summertime memories spent at the sea, if you are a first-time sailor, you may come in handy some few tips on preparing for the powerboat experience.

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The most common mistake done by many first-timers is putting a tight schedule that will combine as many places to visit as possible. While this seems like a great idea at first – no matter how fast and secure the boat you’ve picked is, in reality, tight schedules will create a great amount of stress that you don’t need if you want to experience a laid-back cruising time that will free you up from the worries of everyday life. Additionally, being aware of the weather conditions is a must. Most of the sailors that choose an engine that runs on power believe that the sailing will go on smoothly no matter the conditions. Contrary to this belief – a boat that runs on power can cause a lot of problems if not used properly. Instead of this – following an updated forecast of the destination you are reaching out is a great way to stay away from any possible difficulties along the trip. This way, your cruising time spent with your loved ones will become truly reliable and comfortable at the greatest possible level.

Why choosing Book2Sail.com is the supreme decision for your sailing holiday

The beauty of navigating through the open sea on a boat that runs on power and goes fast enough for you to spend more time at all those marvellous secluded beaches, bays and anchorages you find interesting – is simply irresistible.

Our search engine resembles the attributes of the boat you are about to rent – fast, secure and available at the best price on the market.  If you could only imagine how marvellous a trip to the bluest waters of the Mediterranean would be – the doubts on whether to charter or not will come to an end.

Once you’ve decided which boat is the best choice for you to have the most tranquil and enjoyable vacation on the sea, what’s left up are just a few simple steps and the boat of your dreams will be very yours for the whole vacation.

Surprising your close ones and preparing your trolley for the upcoming trip is the only thing you should take care of once you’ve settled the booking part. Once the date is due – your power boat will be waiting for you ready to explore the gorgeousness of the sea and every single place you plan to stop and visit along the way.
Have a nice, powerful trip.