Power Yachts

Choosing power yachts for a fully relaxed sailing experience

Nothing says fun like a sailing vacation. No matter the destination you choose, freeing up your spirit and allowing yourself a bit more of luxury once in a while has many more advantages than you can even think of. If you are dreaming of a pleasant summer breeze while you are lounging on the deck of some power yacht, along with the many shades of blue waters all around you, it’s probable that sailing is just meant for you.

Picking out a yacht from Book2Sail will easily transform your searching into the most pleasant experience that will resemble the start of a marvellous sailing holiday.

Advantages of chartering a yacht yachts for the holiday to come

Many people are having doubts whether to choose a sailing yacht or a powerful motor yacht before planning the sailing holiday. Checking out the advantages of the powerful yachts may help you make up your mind before you head up to your dream destination and get back without any regrets.

What comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about those super luxurious yachts that are a great catch both on the outside and the inside are their amenities such as those for entertainment and the water sports made available. Snorkeling, diving, and fishing are just a few of the adventuristic activities, all made easy once you get on the deck. The excellent navigation systems and the communication made easy are just two more pros that everyone should consider when chartering a motor yacht.

power yachts in Croatia

Imagine travelling to some destination where the opportunities for exploring are next to endless, and you are lacking out of time to visit everything you’ve planned previously. Once again – a yacht whose engine is more powerful will add a great speed to your sailing and make the actual sailing trip richer and even more exciting. Not to mention the comfort below the decks and the amenities that can be easily compared with those of some luxurious 5-starred hotel.

Travelling with a bigger group of friends? The minute you imagine all those close ones sailing to some exotic destination – you can be sure your best choice will be a power yacht.

The spaciousness of the cabins and the space large enough for any kind of entertainment events, parties, cocktails or even business gatherings are a reason good enough for you to consider yacht charter of this type.

While all this glamour and immense look both outside and on the inside like you need a lot of experience to manage, it’s actually easier to operate a power yacht than any other type of seafaring vessel. The shallowness of the draft will allow you to reach some sailing spots that are otherwise hard to approach. The contemporary stabilizing extras will give you enough comfort and confidence needed to feel as secure as possible while you are heading up to your dream destination.

So, in general – no matter if you are thinking of going bareboat or skippered – chartering a yacht that runs on a powerful motor engine is the perfect choice for you.

Power yachts charter from Book2Sail – Life made easy

By thoroughly analyzing the needs and the biggest dreams of people who want to experience a totally different kind of summer vacation, we have created an impeccable search system and a platform that will make the search for the yacht that best suits your needs and expectations – quick, safe and secure. The wide range of yachts we offer is a great chance to visit the place you have dreamed of in the comfort of your deck. No matter what your requirements are – we most likely have the yacht that will meet them. Our premium, well-known manufacturers have thought of every single detail in the process of creating the perfect yacht that will satisfy even the most sophisticated sailors.

power yachts in Greece

With so many destinations to choose from – and the most popular ones listed as our top destinations with a great number of power yachts to choose from, your perfect summer vacation on a yacht is only a few clicks away. Checking out our most popular searches when it comes to a powerful yacht that will bring a whole new light to your sailing trip is the first thing to do before you decide what and when to charter.

In fact, when you are in the hunt for the perfect yacht where you will spend those unforgettable summer moments, the one ultimate thing that will open the world of available yachts at Book2Sail is the destination.

Power yachts charter in Croatia

If you have chosen Croatia as your next summer destination , the exploration of all those marvellous islands and coastal parts that are perfect for a sailor like you is made easy once you decide to charter one of the over 50 available power yachts in Croatia .

motor yachts for charter

Our top picks each year happen to be the Vector yachts – including Vector Adriatic 790, Vektor Adria 1002 and the Vektor Adriana 36 yacht, all of which come with an option to choose an experienced skipper to lead you throughout your sailing itinerary or go bareboat and experience everything at your own pace and leisure. Sas Vektor yachts are always greatly maintained and offer lots of extras that will satisfy merely all your needs during your trip. If you are planning your next holiday trip with a start from the wonderful Pula or Sibenik, some great choices would be the Viper 3003 Open, the Sibenik 800, the Beneteau Lagoon 40 or the Overblue 44 yachts – each of them guaranteeing an excellent quality and the endurance that will bring a 100% safety while you navigate the wonderful islands of the Adriatic Sea.

Once you decide to start your Adriatic navigating trip from Zadar – the heart of the northern Istria region and there from – explore the mind-blowing national parks, marvelous islands and little islets crushing with the untouched nature and clearest waters; choosing a power yacht that will make your family and friends more than happy is a must. Picking one of the outstanding Bavaria engines – such as the Bavaria Sport 35, 35 Ht or 37 Sport are good enough for almost every taste and character. On the other hand, if you are in search of a unique yacht that will offer you the most stable ride and a great handling, Sealine SC 29 would be a perfect match.

The Fairline yachts are another prime choice for sailors looking for a vessel that will make them proud even for a while. The renowned yacht developing company Fairline will offer you the most sophisticated top design with wonderfully equipped living areas – a place to call home while in Croatia. These modern express vessels will bring a totally new taste of your Croatian vacation. No matter what your choice will be – the Fairline Targa 52 GT, Phantom 40 or 50, Squadron 59, Squadron 79 or the Fairline Squadron 58, a wonderful cruise is waiting for you.

Yacht pick for the perfect Greek sailing trip

If you are eager to take a close-up look at the Greek sailing spots and the beauty of the Aegean or the Ionian Sea – we have the perfect choice for there, too. Choosing one of the Prestige 32 Fly, the Crachi Zaffiro 34, the Sea Ray 390, M\Y Babosch or KFR Rib yachts will bring a great spacious experience along with all the necessary amenities to make your cruise as comfortable and reliable as it can be.

Can you even imagine a better way to visit and enjoy all those small secluded beaches, numerous caves and wonderful bays than on a power yacht?

Our power yachts for an unforgettable Turquoise sailing

Once you decide to sail in Turkey, our easy and user-friendly search service will make sure you get the best value for your budget.

Joey Joey power yacht

Choosing the Joey Joey power yacht that is available for charter at your convenient time is an excellent choice for your time spent on the wonderful Turquoise coast. With an experienced captain to lead you anywhere, you wish – your Turkish vacation will easily transform in a time to remember. If you wish to try something different, taking a look at one of our motor yachts available in Turkey will definitely meet your necessities.

Spanish sailing on a yacht – a dream come true

luxury motor yacht charter Ibiza

Sailing the Spanish coast along with the wonderful Balearic islands can be made even more exclusive once you decide to charter the Menorquin 55, Graunner 650 Walkaround, Sea Ray 280 Bowrider, Fairline Targa 48 or the Monterey 355; all available and waiting for you to set sail and experience the best time of your life. The team of professionals that considered every single detail of the design as an important one will offer you a unique experience you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

Explore Italy with one of our power yachts

If your dream destination is Italy along with the Sicilian coast and the islands surrounding this untouched nature perfect for sailing enthusiasts – chartering a yacht such as the Aldo Cranchi Zaffiro 32, Azimut 68, Jaguar 77 or Alfamarine 78 will transform your sailing into a full enjoyment time spent at your private oasis. With so many extras that come along with any of these powerful motor yachts – all that is left up to you is to choose the spots at the wonderful Tironian and Mediterranean seas and enjoy your time full of water activities and lots of adventures one can only dream of.

azimut 68 motor yacht charter

Get prepared to fall in love with the most elegant designs, breathtaking interiors and outstanding performance of the vessel – no matter the choice you make for your upcoming Italian cruising vacation. The striking views of Sicily, Sardinia, and Tuscany are all made reachable while you enjoy catching the Italian sun in the lounge area at the deck of one of these luxurious yachts.

Yacht charter for a full Maltese enjoyment

yacht charter malta

Fan a perfect sailing time spent at the wonderful Malta –  the heart of the stunning Mediterranean? For the ultimate cruising experience, choosing one of our available yachts that will offer you the speed and the comfort you are wishing for, is probably the best choice any sailor would suggest. Whether you are travelling with a big crew or a more intimate group of people, the yachts available for chartering can meet your requirements. For example, choosing one of the Azimut yachts that appear to be a number 1 choice for experienced sailors, or the remarkable Sunseeker and Azimut Flybridge deluxe vessels will add up an extra cosiness that will alter your Maltese vacation into an unforgettable voyage worth remembering.

Sailing on a yacht – a touch of freedom

When it comes to defining sailing – there can be no better synonym than freedom. The endless opportunities, the charm of the water activities, the liberty of sleeping under the blue sky or a simple gazing at the wonderful sunsets from the deck of your yacht is a unique experience everyone deserves to feel. Luckily, sailing some luxurious yacht that will bring a perfect treat for your spirit is made easily accessible and affordable through the best boats & yachts booking engine – Book2Sail.

There is no better place to charter a yacht from, then from a place that has gathered a team of passionate professionals who will help you plan your sailing trip in the most professional and convenient way.

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If you feel you can’t make a proper decision, or you are having doubts choosing the model of a yacht that will best suit your character, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our enthusiastic support team will give you the exact directions that will help you find the yacht that will be your small piece of luxury you will proudly remember for a long, long time.

So, why wait? Take a look at the endless list of yachts available for charter and get prepared for the most relaxed vacation in your life.
Just pick your dates , your destination and your desirable vessel and the summer may begin.