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Sailing around Malta on “The Gentleman Explorer”

Malta and the Maltese Islands are synonymous with crystal blue waters, a laid-back lifestyle and views that will take your breath away. Whether you’re taking a swim in the peaceful Mediterranean Sea, climbing to the top of the highest cliffs on the island or dining at one of the many world-class restaurants on this charming landmass, Malta is the definition of casual luxury.

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However, there is nothing quite like cruising the ocean in this part of the world and sailing around Malta is arguably the best way to explore the island.

Nothing is quite the same as sailing around Malta

yachts sailing the Maltese shores and clear emerald green waters

Source: Sailing Europe

Visitors to Malta, even those who sail around her shores, will quickly learn that despite the island’s small size, there is a world of adventure to discover both on land and at sea. While sailing around Malta, you are given unlimited access to the most popular spots on the island, such as the stunning Blue Lagoon, and the island’s hidden coves and beaches. Although some of these hidden treasures are difficult to locate on land, they are easy to spot from the ocean. And then there is the bonus of positioning yourself for some of the most sought-after scuba diving in the world as there is so much colorful coral and marine life waiting to be explored just beneath the ocean’s surface in Malta.

On land, Malta is also in a league of its own. Prehistoric temples, cliffs studded with fossils and fortresses which symbolize the importance that this island in the middle of the Mediterranean held to the rulers of the ancient world are as common a sight in Malta as a grocery store would be anywhere else in the world.

Malta is not what you might consider a regular place, and simply put, it should not be traveled in a regular manner. For this reason, what better way could there be to take in the serenity and beauty of Malta than aboard the stunning Ashley St. Mary, a boat built for the class, luxury, and adventure of the “Gentleman Explorer”?

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A Gentleman’s Boat in unparalleled beauty

Ashley St. Mary boat sailing in Malta

Source: Malta Yachting

The Ashley St. Mary is the ultimate vacation vessel for a charter around Malta. With a total guest capacity of nine, the boat has four luxurious cabins featuring two single beds and four double beds. This boat ensures sailing Malta has never been more comfortable.

Maintained by a full-time professional crew, the Ashley St. Mary’s amenities are as numerous as they are pristine. Fully equipped for dining, cocktail parties and overnight stays; the galley comes fitted with a stove and grill, microwave, freezer and warm water. Wi-Fi and internet access, a DVD player, a TV and a CD player are sure to suit all your entertainment needs, no matter the length of your journey.

gentleman explorer sailing

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The Ashley St. Mary’s world-class navigation systems, including autopilot, radar, and GPS, are sure to keep you on course so that you can indulge in some in-water activities. Jet Skis, as well as wakeboarding equipment, are all provided and fishing, diving, and swimming are all encouraged. Afterward, dry off with a warm towel and the sun yourself on the luxurious deck as you enjoy the passing sights of Malta’s unparalleled beauty.

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