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Sailing boats rental for the most amazing time at sea

The advantages of sailing as a summer activity have been extremely popular in the past decade. People from all over the world choose this type of vacations to cleanse their minds, open up new perspectives and explore places that are otherwise not reachable.

Choosing the type of the boat that goes along with one’s personality can be sometimes an overwhelming task. People that love a luxurious feel and like to entirely loosen up for the duration of their summer break usually choose the more comfy yachts that provide enough space for lounging as well as different kinds of parties on board while they travel the sea breadth. Those who love a more adventurous sensation decide to charter a jet ski or some kind of a faster power boat that will enable them to take advantage of the speedy sailing and boost up their adrenaline.

A great number of sailors that want to mix the serene beauty of the seas and the sailing time as some type of sports activity while they enjoy the company of their closest ones appears to pick one of the various types of sailing boats and mold their vacation in a wholly unique way.

charter oceanis 50 with book2sail

While sailing on a boat in the past had a totally different purpose, today sailing is used as an excellent alternative to reach some wonderful places at the seas and explore destinations that from the view of a boat look a lot like a fairy tale.

A cruising at an open sea on a boat requires a lot of things that need to be planned in order for the holiday to go on as smoothly as it begins. Finding harbors to anchor at while the weather is not that good for a sailing time, or simply stop for taking a rest, dine or enjoy the company of your crew can sometimes be a drudgery. Still, with a good planning and a positive state of mind – this task can be easily done and enjoyed as much as all the sailing fun and relaxation.

The best thing about these types of boats is that they are most often suited for a life at sea, so space and all the amenities these types of boats offer, often remind of the ones of the old sailors that used the acquisition of the water to explore new places on Earth.

Nowadays, boats created for sailing are used massively for reaching out some great summer destinations, places way off the beaten path, hidden bays and lots of other things that can be found at the beauty of the sea.

Sailing boats at Book2Sail

While owning a boat can cost a whole fortune and need a lot of maintenance outside the fun of the summer days – boat rental seems like a perfect alternative that many people take advantage of.

Taking in mind the wishes and the needs of people that choose sailing as their only way to feel the true colors of the summer, Book2Sail has managed to mix the best sailing vessels all at one simple search engine.

Whether you are a skilled sailor or need a skipper to secure your journey while you enjoy the wonderful views that surround you – will offer you the best picks that go with your taste, your budget and most importantly – the destination you are about to spend few days or the whole vacation at.

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After acquiring the basic knowledge about boats and sailing in general and decided which type of sailing boat you are dreaming of for the upcoming summer trip – the rest of the sailing time will transform into unforgettable times spent with your closest ones.

What you need to know before renting a boat is the speed limit of the boats created exclusively for sailing – so leaving some few extra days in the length of your trip for travelling from one place to another is a great way to go.
Once you have chosen the destination, the length of your trip and the exact dates – the rest of the boat rental part can be finished in few simple steps through our user-friendly engine that allows you to quickly arrange the booking part and leave you more time for the actual planning of the sailing time that waits for you.

When talking about destinations in the world, most of our experienced sailors usually choose sailing over the Mediterranean Sea along with a visit to the marvelous Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain as the most attractive destinations for spending few days or weeks enjoying the cruising and the discovery of some untouched pieces of nature that appear to be countless.

Explore our sailing boats in Croatia

The gorgeous Croatian coastline better known as the Adriatic coastline appears to be a top pick among the sailors in the past few years. Probably the biggest reason for this is that a cruise on a sailboat around some or all of the islands spread around the Croatian coast is the best way to take a close-up look at the beauties of these heavenly created pieces of earth in the middle of the water breadth.

oceanis 40 boat charter

When it comes to renting a sailboat in Croatia – the choices are endless.  The Bavaria 33, the Oceanis Clipper 323, Elan 31, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33i or the Sunbeam 36.1 are all great choices that are ready to set sail at different anchorages at the Dalmatian coast including the Dubrovnik area, Zadar, Pula or the popular port of Sibenik.

With an option for booking the boat skippered or not – you will be the only creator of your two-week unforgettable holiday that will combine lots of fun, clear waters, idyllic landscapes and pleasant and welcoming people you will have a chance to meet while you anchor at one of the many anchorage points in Croatia and take some time to meet the local culture, the history and everything else the place you’ve stopped at offers.

Sailing boats available for charter in the heart of Turkey

There can be no better way to enjoy the turquoise coloured waters, the charm of the Turkish coast and numerous beaches, coves and bays that spread around the Turkish coast on a sailboat .

Picking the Sun Odyssey 42i and the intelligent design including the spacious onboard comfort is a great way to explore the beauties of the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea – whichever you prefer for your upcoming sailing voyage in Turkey.  The Compromis 34 class – a fully equipped sailboat that provides enough space for your big crew that enjoys sailing as much as you do is another great choice. The optional outboard motor will give you the security of sailing even when the winds become a bit harsher, while the fully equipped indoor space will make you feel like you are cruising on some super starred yacht.

Choosing the Bavaria 44 boat to explore the Fethiye area and the wonderful surroundings is another great pick for first-time sailors that don’t want to take the risk and prefer a smooth sailing on a boat that has an optional motor engine for a super comfy feel of the Turquoise beauties.

charter Oceanis 473 Clipper in Turkey

Another top picks lots of our sailors choose when it comes to exploring the infinite loveliness of Turkey are the Oceanis Clipper 473 as well as th4e marvelous Archambault 35 that are ready to set sail from the wonderful Marmaris area – a place designed for hedonists that enjoy the advantages of the numerous marines, five-starred resorts and wonderful sandy beaches approachable by boat only.

Picking a sailboat in Greece for an impeccable sailing journey

Can one even think of a perfect way to explore the attractiveness of the Greek islands spread all around the Ionian Sea or the old-good Aegean islands that offer so many things to explore than on a sailing boat?

Choosing one of our boats available for rental from various locations in Greece – one of our top destinations is a great way to create some memorable life events you would like to repeat in the years to come.  Booking the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32 – the great spacious vessel ready to start from the Alimos Marina set at the heart of Athens, or the Beneteau Oceanis 311 that will give you the chance to navigate some unforgettable Greek destinations are just a few of the available choices that allow you to spend a wonderful sailing time – bareboat or with an optional captain for a full enjoyment without taking care of the technical parts of the sailing.

charter bavaria 44 in Greece

Another gorgeous sailboats available for charter at your own convenient period during the summer season are the splendid Moody 33.6 or the Bavaria 34 boats – anchored at the wonderful Corfu Island or the stunning capital of Greece – Athens.

No matter which one you choose, be ready for some treasured Greek moments that you will recall in your memories for the years to come.

Our best sailboats ready to set sail from the charming Spain

When it comes to sailing in Spain and taking advantage of the best sandy beaches in the world along with lots of fun, amazing daytime and nighttime parties as well as plenty of tasty Spanish specialties ready at the idyllic seaside restaurants – choosing a sailing boat is once again: the choice number 1 both for experienced and first-time sailors.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i, for example, offers the best performance and the greatest aesthetics both on the outside and the inside of the ship. This high-tech boat will enable you a sailing time with the feeling like you are cruising on a deluxe apartment, given the fact that the indoor space and the impeccably designed deck can suit up your big group of friends that are as eager to meet the beauties of Spain as you are.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i sailboat charter

If your sailing time in Spain is planned with the whole family on board – the greatest choice of all sailing boats available on our site would probably be the marvellous Beneteau Oceanis 37. This seaworthy boat ready to take you to whichever Spanish destination you’ve put in your sailing itinerary will make your family more than happy – mostly because of the comfortable indoor space that is ready to live in – a true family cruiser that can be picked with an optional captain for an even more lighthearted sailing time.

For those water travellers that need the feel of something a bit more adventurous while at the same time relaxing and perfect for a leisure time – the Bavaria 37 is often the most desirable choice. Designed for a crew of up to six, the sporty design of the boat will be an excellent match with the adventurous nature of Spain as a sailing destination.

Enjoying your Italian journey on a sailing boat

If Italy is your desirable sailing destination for the upcoming summer season – choosing the right sailing boat is the first choice that you should make in order to make your sailing trip a true gift to yourself and your close ones.

The various boats ready to set sail from the heart of Sicily, Sardinia or the marvellous Tuscany region include the top pick – Beneteau Cyclades 43.3. This boat is simply designed for a bareboat experience because of its easy handling and a great comfort that will add up to that starry-eyed cruise around the Italian coast. Same counts for the Bavaria 33 or the Dufour 325 Grand Large boat that offers a clean and striking profile with a greatly equipped interior ready to meet the challenges of your Italian sailing.

charter Beneteau Cyclades 43.3 in Italy

If you are worried about the weather conditions that can sometimes get unpredictable when in Italy – choosing the Azuree 46 that comes captained will offer you the best comfort and a safety feel even when sailing on rough seas. Whichever destination and boat you choose for your upcoming vacation on the seas, one thing is definite: the beauty of the sailing will open a whole new array of perspectives that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Wishing you calm waters and a smooth sailing trip.