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Sailing Holiday Tips: Seasickness, What Are the Best Remedies?

Ah, a leisurely day at sea! There’s nothing quite like it to get rid of stress and worries in our book. However, your plans for rest and relaxation can be quickly ruined if you experience seasickness. Read on to learn more about tried and tested tips that will let you enjoy your day trip to the full.

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Do Not Eat Trigger Food and Alcoholic Drinks

girl feeling seasick on a boat


Many people feel uneasy aboard if they consume certain foods or drinks. This is very often the case with food that is strongly flavoured, spicy or greasy. For instance, you may be able to tolerate (and enjoy) a few spicy tuna tacos on terra firma but the same item may provoke an unpleasant reaction if consumed on a boat. The same can be applicable for alcoholic beverages. So, our recommendation is to stick to mild tasting light food (such as fresh fruit, refreshing salads, and a few salty crackers to munch on throughout the day) and replacing your tipple of choice with water, apple juice, and ginger ale.

Avoid Strong Smells

girl avoid strong smells


Similarly, to the point above, it is important to avoid strong smells such as perfume since these can also trigger seasickness. In instances where your companions are sporting a scent that is making you queasy, try to move a bit around and find a more neutral spot to stay.

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Keep the Horizon in View

friends cruising on a powerboat


It is often said that mental self-discipline is an important factor that can reduce queasiness. For many, keeping the horizon in view helps to reduce that feeling of dizziness. Indeed, this trick helps people to remain steady, which in turn helps them to be less susceptible to motion sickness. However, be careful not to stare at a fixed point since this can have a counterproductive effect.

Stay in the Middle of the Boat

couple cruising on a speedboat


The central part of the boat is the most stable part of the structure. Therefore, staying towards the middle will ensure that you are less likely to feel strong movements and so less likely to feel sick.

Close Your Eyes


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A simple one but a good one; closing your eyes may be an easy and effective way in which to reduce a multisensory attack on your brain.  A pair of good-quality earplugs and an eye mask may also be helpful aids.

Do Not Read on Board

a woman reading a book on a sailing trip


While we do think that reading is a great activity to do on a boat, we also know that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is particularly the case if you suffer from seasickness due to a disconnection in perception between your eyes and your inner ears.

Take Seasickness Medicine

seasickness medicine


If all else fails, your doctor can prescribe medication that helps you eliminate unpleasant sensations throughout your boat trip.

While there is no hard and fast remedy that will work for everyone, it is likely that some forward planning and a combination of the tips listed above will help you to enjoy your sailing day to the full!

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