Sailing Around Spain’s Hidden Treasure

If you want a top-notch, exclusive sailing experience in Spain – you should head towards the least known of the 3 Balearic Islands – Minorca. Why does it fall back in popularity compared to its 2 sisters, Mallorca and Ibiza, you may ask?  Well, those who discover it, like it as it is, hush and untouched – you’d almost need a key to get in.

Minorca has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza put together

rent a boat and sunbathing in Spain

Minorca’s shores are spoilt with a huge number of creeks, so many, there are more beaches than those of Mallorca and Ibiza put together – very conserved as a Natural Reserve, guaranteeing a spotless natural ecstasy to the eyes.

Sailing in Minorca is a pride, so much so that local children go to sailing school from a very young age, just like ours go to football and ballet.

family boat rentals in Spain

That might explain why it is so easy to charter a boat in Minorca – while its 216km long coast full of natural innings will assure you, you can be away from the crowds and enjoy the sea and the natural splendour as if it were your own private island, simply by renting a boat. Closing your eyes while on your boat and letting your finger drop on the map can take you to some hidden spot.  If you want some insider tips though, here are some places you should visit when you to  rent a boat in Spain:

Virgin Beaches in Spain

Cala Turqueta

yacht charter in Cala Turqueta Minorca, Spain

Cala Macaralleta

chartering a boat in Cala Macarella Beach Minorca, Spain

It takes a long hike and a little climbing on rocks to get to these crystal clear blue waters from inland. Which is why there’s very little people around and chartering a boat, is the best way to enjoy these heavenly beaches. You just sunbathe as your yacht cruises along the coast, then open your eyes and you’re hit by these little pieces of heaven.

Cala Pregonda

charter a boat in Cala Pregonda, Spain

The golden sands of this beach that seem to be cradled in the arms of the island and protected by the two big rocks that give it shelter. You’ll be squinting to make sure you’re seeing right.

Dive off your boat, put that snorkel on and explore the shores of this Natural Reserve.

Sailing & Food delights

Cala Galdana

boat rental in Cala Galdana, Spain

Here is where the deep waters are so clear, anchored boats look as if they’re suspended in the air.

It might not be a virgin beach, but setting anchor here will have you mesmerized looking up the high rocks that surround it.  Plus, if you have any kids on board, there are some fun things to do ashore too.


renting a boat in Fornells, Spain

A good harbor to stop off for the night, watch as the sun sets at sea, then head to one of the restaurants in this tiny fishing village, known for its  Caldereta de Langosta – a thick lobster soup, so delicious, rumor has it the King of Spain, comes every year only to savour it from his favorite restaurant, there in the heart of Fornells. These are just a handful of tips for  when you rent a boat in Spain – if you want to discover on your own while cruising on your rental yacht, here’s a tip:  Cala means creek and  Cova mean cave – go on spoil yourself, there’s so many to choose from.