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Take Care of Your Skin at the Sea

How to protect you skin at sea?

A stay at the sea, nothing better to get back on your feet! But between the sun, wind, sand, and salt, our skin needs proper care.
Going on a vacation at the seaside is extremely beneficial for your body: sea water is full of minerals and trace elements ideal for your skin. No need to stay there for hours! A bath of about fifteen minutes would be enough to regenerate your skin! However, we must not forget certain beauty routines essential to the well-being and health of our skin:

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At the shore the UV index is the highest. In addition, the sun is reflected in the water and the sand, which makes your skin the ideal target of UVA-UVB rays, particularly between 12 pm and 4 pm: time slot where it`s better to avoid tanning!

girl enjoying skin care on a sunny day

– It`s necessary to protect your skin, and for that, it is advisable to use a sun protection SPF 30 at least. Generously apply your protection to your entire body. Do not forget to repeat the application every 2 hours and after each swim.

– If you have very sensitive, reactive or even allergic skin: use a more powerful protection factor: SFP 50+. Expose yourself very short, increasing the duration a bit every time (10 minutes on the first day, 15 the second, etc.

– What to do in case of sunburn?

If your skin starts to blush and heat up, do not try to relieve the pain with tap water whose limestone would only make it more aggressive. Using a cotton pad soaked in a mild cleansing lotion, dab the area with the sunburn.

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Traditional remedies? A fresh yogurt or crushed tomato quickly relieve the tingling and burning sensations.

In the event of more severe sunburn, treat the affected area with sunburn lotions, as you spread in thick layers and let it penetrate by itself.  The following days, avoid exposing yourself in the sun, and to avoid peeling, grease your skin several times a day.


Between the salt, sand, and sweat, it’s crucial to clean your skin so it can breathe and use the sea benefits.

– The face

When you come back from the beach, apply a cleansing gel that will help to unclog the pores of the epidermis and especially will remove the excess sebum often caused by sunscreens that lubricate the skin on our face.

Once a week, treat yourself to a gentle scrub that will remove all the small dead skin and impurities.

white skin mask for face care on a girl

At the same frequency, you can also make yourself a mask, preferably from natural products: Nothing complicated, just smash the flesh of an avocado and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply this vitamin mask on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with a little warm milk.

– The body

It is important to rinse well after returning from the beach, to remove salt and sand residues. For that, shower with a mild soap preferably perfumeless and with neutral pH, so as to maintain the hydrolipidic balance of your skin.

If you prefer a bath, think of rinsing before entering the tub! Add a cap of sweet almond oil in your bath: it smells good and it nourishes your skin!


– The face

On the beach, consider using a water mist that not only gives you a feeling of freshness but also it will moisturize and soothe your skin.

girl moisturizing her skin

Continue your daily beauty routine: a day cream in the morning and a night cream before going to bed.

If your skin is too dry, apply a mask moisturizer that you leave all night, it will remove the unpleasant feeling of tightness.

– The body

What is the first product to put in your suitcase when you go at sea? The after-sun of course! It nourishes and hydrates your skin deeply. The sun drains the water resources of the skin, but thanks to this cream, you can rehydrate it. Use it daily in addition to your other moisturizing creams.

A tip: in the evening before bed, apply milk, gel or moisturizer on your entire body: during the night the regeneration of the skin is better.


– The face

As the days go by, your skin is getting tanned, so take out the foundation and the extra make-up! This really lets your skin breathe. Just apply a little Terra Cotta bronzer that naturally accentuates your beautiful tan.

For those who can`t really do without foundation, opt for a tinted cream that won`t dry your skin, and will cover the small imperfections!

girl doing skin care on the beach

– The body

Oils give the best radiance to your tanned skin! In addition, you can allow your self fantasies: fragrant oils, glitter. First they will moisturize your skin and in addition, they will accentuate your beautiful tan: guaranteed effect!

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