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Travel Guide to Norway – Yacht Charter with Book2Sail from City of Bergen

Travel guide to city of Bergen Norway

The summer season offers the opportunity to enjoy the coast of Norway experiencing a different kind of a vacation aboard.

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After crossing the Arctic circle, sailors can discover Norwegian beauties, culture, and gastronomy, including the fjords and take part in countless activities with more daylight. This is due to the ‘midnight sun’ or polar day, a natural phenomenon where the sun does not reach the horizon, painting the sky and the earth a yellow-reddish light.

Norwegian fjord sunset for an amazing travel experience

One of the highlights of this phenomenon takes place in Kirkenes the place where the sun never goes down from mid-May until the end of July. It`s also known as the capital of the Barents Strait region and considered “the Norwegian city where the east meets the west”.

On their classic route, the vessels sail the entire Norwegian coast from the west to the east and, once they dock at Kirkenes, the easternmost point of Norway, they turn around to the beautiful city of Bergen and sail to the west.

a boat sailing in the beautiful Norwegian landscapes

Sailing in summer to three of Norway’s most important and recognized fjords, such as the Lyngenfjord, in May; the Trollfjord, from May to August; and the Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from June to August, is an unforgettable experience.

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Wanderers have the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful natural landscapes and be amazed by the flow of the waterfalls, thanks to the thaw, and savor the color palette offered by the seasonal flowers that cover the slopes and valleys.

Fjords, culture, and architecture

Embarked northbound, from Bergen to Kirkenes, travelers enjoy coastal cities with a rich culture. During the first days, go through the eleven sharp curves of the Trollstigen pass and, after disembarking in Ålesund, you will enjoy the art nouveau architecture that characterizes that city.

amazing and colorful landmarks of renown Norwegian architecture

In Trondheim, you will have the opportunity to visit the gothic cathedral of Nídaros or the Ringve Museum of music and, if you like to try some exciting activity, you can kayak along the Nidelven river surrounding the city center, or ride a bike through the historic city center.

Arctic Circle

After crossing the Arctic circle, you`ll have the opportunity to enjoy an infinity of highlights in the summertime, in addition to observing the wonderful colored landscapes 24 hours a day.

One of the must-do things is to visit the Lofoten Islands, which stand out for their beauty and for being the place where visitors can contemplate the idyllic fishing villages between the rugged mountains.

a small town on the Arctic Circle in the beautiful scenery of Fjords in Norway

Other unforgettable activities, in addition to meeting the Vikings in the first person, consist of taking a trip to the Svartisen Glacier, the second-largest glacier in Norway, and traveling by airboat in Salstraumen, the strongest tidal currents area in the world.

Throughout the sailing and the stops on land, you`ll be in contact with nature, either with the whale watching or the visit of Tromsø and the Wilderness Center, where you can find the husky dogs and their young and learn basics about sledding or walking on their nature trails.

Once the port of Honningsvåg is reached, an excursion to the spectacular North Cape, or “the end of the world” in Norway, is advisable. This small city is essential for every bird lover since the Gjesværstappan nature reserve is home to more than three million species.

a beautiful cloudy scenery the end of the world Norway Nord Cape

Here you can learn about the history of the town and visit fishing villages such as Kamøyvær and Skarsvåg, and discover the ‘Sami’ people, learning about their culture, traditional costumes, their way of life.

In Kirkenes, the last stop of the trip aboard the cruise, you can enjoy activities such as a boat or ‘quad’ safari to the Russian border, visiting the Kjerrigstupet viewpoint, or taking a walk with a husky.

cruise point Kirkenes at dusk in the northern Norwegian Russian border

In Kirkenes, you can also visit Andersgrotta, the city’s anti-aircraft shelter during World War II.

Another unique experience is to do real the king crab safari, an excursion where you can see how these crustaceans are fished from a boat and then taste their delicacies in a traditional house overlooking the fjord.

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