Sailing Through the Turquoise Coast by Yacht

yacht charter in turkey

The villages by the sea, the rugged cliffs and the incredibly clear seas of the Lycian coast lines have made Turkey a top of the list sailing destination. Immerse yourself in amazing blue hues of the turquoise water, so clear you can see the bottom. Walk around towns rich with culture, relax on your boat while contemplating spectacular views and savour the taste of the East and West combined together in the luscious Turkish cuisine.

Internationally, yacht sailing in this stretch of coast is now being called The Blue Voyage. What another name to give to the perfect turquoise waters that glimmer in the Mediterranean sun?

private yacht charter in Turkey

The very word “turquoise” came to be because of these seas – it is French for Turkish, even though in the beginning it used to be used to refer to the stone of the same colour found abundantly on this land. Relaxing  your chartered private yacht, seeing the translucent sea and jumping into it is a sensational experience everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.

Here are a few of our favourite spots:


motor yacht charter in Bodrum, Turkey

Once a quiet fishing village built on the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus, Bodrum was discovered by intellectuals in the mid-20th century and became a coveted destination that we can discover nowadays. A walk true its alleys and lanes are sure worth an afternoon stroll off your boat rental.

Village Kas, Turkey

yacht charter in Kas, Turkey

If you’re after handmade clothes and jewellery, make sure to stop at the charming harbour of this little fishing village, after having lunch on  your yacht charter in Turkey and explore the local boutique shops full of artisanal treasures.

Sandy Coast Kekova

yacht charter turkey kekova

Cruising your yacht in this part of Turkey, you will sail over the sunken 2000-year-old ancient town, once destroyed by an earthquake, now a protected World Heritage site.  If you feel like anchoring here, a climb to the top to Simena Castle will guarantee you a magnificent bay view of the bay.

Scuba Diving in Wall Bay and Tomb Bay

charter a yacht for scuba diving in Turkey

Stop over here and inhale the perfumed air coming from the hills filled with oleander flowers, olive groves and pine trees.  A dive into the perfect turquoise waters of Wall Bay is a must.  If you want to dip your toe into history though, head inland and visit the ancient tombs and the freshwater springs nearby.

Butterfly Valley – Untouched Paradise in Turkey

charter yacht to Butterfly Valley, Turkey

The limestone cliffs surrounding the golden sanded beach are only a grand entrance to the valley which is home to over 120 types of butterflies.  If you happen to be here in the season when they appear in large numbers, it’s certainly worth an anchor down of your boat rental and a hike up to the waterfall.

Yacht Life in Fethiye, Turkey

yacht charter life in Fethiye, Turkey

Finishing off a sailing trip in Fethiye harbour is simply the cherry on the cake of this spectacular sailing trip in Turkey.  Walk around the town’s traditional market, then head over to Europe’s most photographed beach, Oludinzez – one of the most famous paragliding destinations in the world and hugely popular for scuba diving too.

Before you set off to the enchanted turquoise waters, we leave you with 2 magic words you will need to know while sailing in Turkey:

  • Sebil – Turkish cities are equipped with small, white, fresh water dispensers free for all to enjoy – especially during the hottest months of summer. And for those who dare
  • Raki – Turkey’s traditional iconic drink, tastes a bit like Sambuca or Ouzo, usually served with meals, especially seafood – and don’t forget the Turkish cheers – “Serife!”