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Ulysses: The Edge of the World (Video)

We’re sailing aficionados through and through here at Book2Sail (hardly any surprises there we hear you say) and it’s not only our job to think about boats and sailing all day, but they’re also an incessant source of fascination for us. So, it’s safe to say that when we came across the Ulysses Explorer Yacht, our minds were (figuratively) blown away. Trust us, you’ll want to see this video clip.

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Ulysses || To the edge of the world from TC Media on Vimeo.

The Ulysses is a 107-metre superyacht that is not only the embodiment of floating luxury but more significantly perhaps, it is the perfect enabler of fully-fledged adventurous pursuits. Indeed, the Ulysses includes incredibly stylish interiors that give a run for their money to the most sophisticated hotels in the world and all the relaxation-related amenities that one could think of (pool – check, movie theater – check, gym – check, spa area – check). The Ulysses provides fine dining experiences to its guests and the dedicated crew members are always on-hand to offer a restorative coffee, a refreshing hand towel or provide any assistance that may be required.

However, the Ulysses’ main attraction: its ability to cater for all the needs of the extreme sports enthusiasts on board. First off, the Ulysses has a fully-certified helipad on its deck (!!) and all the necessary equipment for unforgettable water adventures. Just to name a few things that one can do: jet skiing, flyboarding, and water skiing. This is coupled with the fact that can also make the most of the destinations that the Ulysses visits. For instance, guests can avail themselves of the off-road bikes to explore deserted landscapes or high-performance motorcycles for scenic rides along picture perfect roads. It’s mind-boggling that a yacht can offer all this and more.

We’ve determined that this superyacht is basically all our #sailingholiday #goals all rolled into one, and we’d bet that it’s now yours too.

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