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Video: How Much Does It Cost to Live on a Boat?

It’s safe to say that our specialty is that of helping people experience sailing adventures and in the process, making memories with family and friends.  Be it a day trip around Malta or a two-week sailing holiday across the Mediterranean, we truly believe that time spent at sea goes a long way towards restoring the energy levels of those aboard. However, what about actually living on a boat permanently? Well, that’s another kettle of fish, all together (no pun intended).

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People all over the world are feeling the need to declutter their existence and live a simpler life that is not bogged down by unnecessary material possessions. In fact, this has led to a surge in popularity of compact houses that can be transported to different locations and sea-faring vessels as long-term residences. Given our obsession with interest in sailing, we’re decidedly curious about the latter.

So, without further ado, meet the adorable crew of the 34-foot trawler Neverland: Bill, his girlfriend Sierra, and their cute dog, Jetty. The trio lives on their boat permanently since they are very passionate about all things sea. Through this video, Bill answers a frequently asked question, that is, how much does it cost to live on a boat? Of course, there is no one simple answer to this one as the figure will vary according to the type of boat and the type of lifestyle that one leads. However, the Neverland bunch are able to live off $1, 040 a month. An average of $200 are allocated to maintenance expenses but substantial savings are made by ensuring that the crew does a lot of the required work. On the other hand, the largest single expense is related to food and it amounts to an average of $700 a month.

While living permanently on a boat may not be something for everyone, it sure seems like these guys are enjoying it to the full.

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