Why List?



You love your boat. You look back at the days you were scouting around to find the boat that best fit your lifestyle and leisure ideals and now look at it, with a cocktail in hand and reminisce about the first time you set sail on it.  Where did you go to? Who were you with? Good times.

But let’s face it.  How many times do you set sail on it every year? Maybe a couple of weeks when you’re off on holiday and a few times you go out for the day at the weekends.

What if we told you, you could monetize the value and luxuries of your boat when it would otherwise be berthed?

Berthing fees, maintenance, fuel expenses can make sailing an expensive sport and leisurely activity. Why should that hold you back from enjoying the serendipitous joy of swaying afloat clear blue seas while watching the sun take its last dip into the sea, as its bright orange ball of fire dissolves for the night?

We at Book2Sail we will help you charter your boat to people all over the world who will happily rent your boat, at the price you set, making your next trip cost-free for you.

All you have to do is go through a few simple steps to register your boat – it capacity, location, price window and adjust the calendar to show when it’s available, keeping it free for the dates you want to enjoy its pleasures yourself.

A few clicks in a matter or minutes, and there you have it – your boat is now showcased and up for rent with the over 3 billion internet users online

As if that weren’t enough, we can assist you in advertising your boat and place it on all major popular sites and social media for you.

Book2Sail boasts a trustworthy community that connects boat owners, brokers, and charterers alike, giving you the security of chartering your boat hassle-free.

So what are you waiting for? Click on List your Boat and within a couple of minutes your boat will be available to potential clients worldwide – you will be making money in no time!