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12 Things You Shouldn’t Set Sail Without If You’re Going Bare-boat Sailing

Whilst booking your sailing vacation is a breeze, packing for it can be a bit of a nightmare! Be prepared with our ultimate bareboat sailing holiday packing checklist…

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There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the ocean and realizing you’ve forgotten your sunscreen.  So, we’ve compiled a list designed as a guide to ensure your comfort and safety while you enjoy your time on the water.

1. Sailing Certificate of Competence

Whilst you will not always need a sailing license or certificate when sailing, we strongly suggest that you or the person captaining the boat, take a sailing certificate on vacation with you. It is worth checking whether you need to get a certificate before your holiday to avoid unpleasant surprises upon your arrival.

2. Visa and Passport

passport and a stamp

Your travel documents are probably an obvious essential item for any holiday packing list. Which brings us to our next item on the list…

3. Dry Sack

This should be roomy so that it can keep all your personal belongings safe, and more importantly dry.

4. Insect Repellent

Ward off mosquito bites by making sure that you apply an insect repellent that contains 50% DEET on exposed skin and your clothing.

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5. First Aid Kit & Prescription Medication

first aid kit

If you have a pre-existing medical condition make sure that you carry enough medication for the duration of your holiday and an extra supply, just in case your trip gets extended.  It’s always a good idea to pack away a first aid kit.

6. Polarized sunglasses

Out on the water, good quality, float-able and 100% glare-free polarized sunglasses are a must

have. They will protect your eyes from those harsh UV rays, and ensure maximum visibility on the water.

7. Sunscreen

sunscreen and beach items

Keep your skin safe and avoid sunburn by investing in a good quality, high SPF, and water-resistant sunscreen.

8. Handheld GPS

GPS phone

Don’t depend on your phone’s GPS capabilities. The last place you want to get lost in is out on the big ocean. Invest in a handheld GPS, and even if it is foggy, you’ll still be able to determine your exact location, and navigate safely to your destination. Don’t forget to pack some extra batteries or your charger.

9.  Compass

metal compass

Bring along a compass. Yes, it’s a bit old-school yet it’s the most crucial navigational instrument. Whilst your handheld GPS can show you the direction you are heading towards, the compass will tell you the direction you are pointing!

10. Flashlight

metal cool flashlight

Because you never know when this might come in handy.

11. Sailing gloves

sailing gloves

A good pair of sailing gloves will ensure that your hands won’t suffer from rope burn.

12. Boat shoes

leather shoes for a boat

Yes, over the past few years’ boat shoes have become a summer staple but make sure that if you’re going sailing you invest in the right pair of shoes so that your feet remain firmly planted on the deck.

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