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You, a cloudless sky, clear blue seas and a cool drink in your hand.

The sun’s high up, the flag flaps in a cool breeze, as the boat sways into the swoosh of the waves, hitting the side of the yacht, bringing up playful bubbles. You woke up to the shelter and quietness of the harbor this morning.  Now you’re heading to that secluded beach a few miles away, that’s inaccessible by land, making it available to only a precious few. You can’t wait till you can dive into its cool waters and snorkel around all day until it’s time to get back on board again and eat some fresh, succulent food with its aroma hanging around in the saltiness of the air.

You look out at the horizon and then at the beautiful cliffs you’re sailing under and breathe in the serenity of it all. This, this is a good living. You’ve been waiting for this for ages.  Now it’s finally here.

You can lie in the sun all day, or even set out on a dive to explore the local sea bed and its colorful inhabitants. You can water ski or simply float around.

Wait.  Isn’t that where you are you right now? Where are you then? At the office? At home? Commuting?

If only you could simply snap your finger and find yourself right there, it’d be a dream come true.

Well, we have good news for you. At Book2Sail we pretty much make dreams come true and deliver the magic of having all the joys of sailing on a yacht, away from everyday stress, surrounded by nature and the fresh ocean air, with no pressure or stress whatsoever.

At Book2Sail we will help you charter the boat of your choice from all over the world simply with a couple of clicks online from wherever you are.

Go ahead, take a look through our list of boats available for rent on our online platform. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you – just tick your preferences – capacity, dates, location, price window – click, click, click, click and there you have it – the boat of your dreams.

Once you’ve set eyes and got hold of that boat, we will take care of all of the necessities you need, so all that’s left for you to do is – yes, you guessed it – have fun!

Do you know what the best part of it all is? You can even book an experienced, skilled captain with your boat rental, so you can literally toss those flip flops off your feet, sit back and enjoy each and every second of your charter.  No, Jack Sparrow isn’t part of our skilled worldwide captains, but we will ask your captain to wear a hat if that’s what you really, really want.


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