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2016 was an exciting year for us at SAS Marine Services Ltd., a newly established maritime services company, we launched our flagship product Book2Sail.

We are based in Malta – an attractive, vibrating European business hub for various worldwide companies and agencies. It made perfect sense for us to lower our anchor here. It gives us ease of access to all the southern European harbors and Mediterranean islands – Mallorca, Ibiza, Minorca, Corsica, Sardinia and the vast amount of the Greek islands.

Our Mission is to make yacht charter a reality for everyone around the world. 

Boat chartering all over the world has never been easier.

So, for a plain sailing experience, Book2Sail today!

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Who would have thought booking a boat a hundred miles away from home, would be as easy as ordering shopping online – great service, easy to use.


We very much enjoyed our time in Croatia, on behalf of myself and the entire team, thank you for your support and patience!


Fantastic first-time experience for all of us, we had never chartered a boat before and were a little dubious as to what type we should choose, where we should go etc. The Book2Sail team were very helpful indeed, we shall definitely be chartering again next year!


Both myself and partner had only every been on a yacht once and thought it would be lovely to spend our anniversary aboard, it was perfect. We booked only weeks beforehand, the process was fast and simple, will definitely be recommending Book2Sail to others.


Our company needed multiple vessels and a rather particular itinerary – all of which Book2Sail managed to sort out quickly and with no stress. Great platform, great choice, fantastic customer service, cheers.


Our Favourite Destinations



Turkey, an ancient treasure trove of historic beauty, natural wonder and tantalising cuisines, blessed with mesmerising azure waters.

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This historic sun kissed land of mythology, birthplace of the Olympic Games, home to amazing cuisine, a stunning coastline and rich culture.

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Croatia, peppered with medieval architecture, leafy green backdrops and with over 1000 islands and islets to sail between, makes for a fantastic adventure.

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Italy, home to picturesque coastlines, natural rustic charm, famed for its architecture and of course, world renowned gastronomy.

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Whether a novice sailor or seasoned captain, avid party-goer or tranquility seeker – Spain’s sun-drenched coastlines and crystal clear waters will not disappoint.

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This small island nation is draped in history and natural beauty, from the oldest free-standing structures known to man, to the striking beauty of the Blue Lagoon in Comino.

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