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6 Essential Tips For Sailing Newbies

So you’re about to go on a sailing holiday, but you haven’t got a clue where to start? Fear not, here are Book2sail‘s top tips for sailing beginners.

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1. Dress well

If you’re gearing up to head out to sea, you certainly want to make sure that you’re wearing the right clothes. The sea breeze can be a bit nippy so make sure that you wear a lot of layers – these can be added or removed depending on the weather conditions. The layering strategy will ensure that your first sailing trip is a comfortable experience.

2. Sunscreen

Sun, sea, and wind – they’re a recipe for the perfect sailing trip, right? Sure, but they can also be a recipe for disaster if you get a sunburn. There’s nothing worse than ending your trip with sunburn, so avoid a few days of great discomfort by making sure you invest in a good sunscreen.

3. Keep your personal belongings safe

If you’re out at sea you’re bound to get things wet. Invest in a good, strong waterproof bag, and you’ll be less likely to get your phone and other valuables wet.

4. Safety First

For your first un-captained trip, it’s also a good idea to rent a boat, as this is usually easier to handle and reacts quicker than larger vessels. It’s always best to ensure that there’s another person on board who knows how to sail and how to call for help in the unlikely event of an emergency.

5. Learn the Lingo

Before you venture out to sea it’s good to have a grasp of the basic sailing lingo and traffic rules. Here’s a great glossary of sailing terms. (add this URL:

6. Plan your journey

Sailing is a wonderful experience, however, at times it can be hard work and disorientating especially at night.  It is prudent to plan your journey in advance. Be aware of geographic landmarks and make sure you know how to use your compass and GPS.

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Of course, there are plenty of other tips for sailing beginners that can make all the

difference. If you’ve recently been on your first sailing trip, or if you’re an experienced sailor, we’d love to hear about the advice you’d give to an uninitiated. Tweet your advice with the hashtag #Book2SailingTips.

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