About Us

about us

2016 was an exciting year for us at SAS Marine Services Ltd., a newly established maritime services company, we launched our flagship product Book2Sail.

We are based in Malta – an attractive, vibrating European business hub for various worldwide companies and agencies. It made perfect sense for us to lower our anchor here. It gives us ease of access to all the southern European harbors and Mediterranean islands – Mallorca, Ibiza, Minorca, Corsica, Sardinia and the vast amount of the Greek islands.

Furthermore, with Malta being an EU Schengen country it makes all the paperwork and legislation easier both for us and our clients.

Our Book2Sail offices are perfectly located in the heart of the Msida Yacht Marina, right where sailing is pulsating in the air, making sure that we’re always fully immersed in the industry and never miss a beat of what’s going on day after day, keeping us always fully updated and at pace with the latest exciting news and trends.  Also, Malta enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, making our team happy about their working place too!

Our aim is to build a worldwide trusted community creating connections around the globe.

Through Book2Sail, charterers renting a boat will have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of stress-free cruising around secluded beaches or being at high sea without giving a minimal thought to the formalities of owning a boat.  It’s easy for charterers – just search, book and then jump on board!

As for boat ownersour services are a gold mine, as they can monetize on their boat investment when they’re not enjoying its pleasures themselves. When the boat is listed on our platform, it will only be a click away from being showcased globally to be chartered, therefore giving a financial return to the owner.

Book2Sail’s secure online platform makes all this possible, thanks to its unique features and user-friendly online marketing tools. 

Our online platform is easy to navigate and delivers an exciting new way to search and take your pick on a variety of boats listed.  Choose the one that best fits your needs, tastes, and capacity. Book your dream boat across worldwide sailing destinations, with guaranteed peace of mind!


Our Mission is to make yacht charter a reality for everyone around the world. 

Boat chartering all over the world has never been easier.

So, for a plain sailing experience, Book2Sail today!