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Bavaria 39 Cruiser Review

Bavaria 39 Cruiser

The darlings of the sailboat chartering world, Bavaria Yachts have defined luxury, elegance, and reliability in the boating world for almost half a century. The company bills itself as having the most modern shipyards in the world and their two locations in Germany are centred on ingenuity and precision.

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Bavaria 39 Cruiser anchored

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When it comes to style and performance with yacht charter Turkey, the Bavaria 39 Cruiser, one of the most loved boats Bavaria has ever created, is no different. Built specifically for comfortable cruising through the beautiful seas of the Mediterranean, the 39-footer comes with a few more stylish elements, and quite a bit more weight, than some of its faster, sleeker cousins.

Bavaria 39 Interior

Bavaria 39 deluxe interior

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Comprising of three cabins with the capacity of sleeping up to eight passengers, the Bavaria 39 is a spacious vessel with many useful features and one of the most popular when it comes to chartering in Turkey. While two of the cabins are a bit more modest and noticeably less roomy, the master cabin is considerably more luxurious. A dressing seat and a private bathroom, along with the mahogany details and plush interiors found throughout the Bavaria 39, make it truly unique.

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Bavaria 39 luxurious interior

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A comfortable dining area and relaxing saloon ensure the common areas a perfect retreat from the sea winds. The large steering console on deck is big enough to accommodate the size of modern navigational aids, although the amount of space the area takes up can make boarding difficult. Many of the Bavaria 39’s also has a folding wheel option to make this process a bit more graceful.

Capabilities of the Bavaria 39

As mentioned above, the 39-foot cruiser can fit a maximum of eight passengers. It is equipped with a moderate 29 to 55 horsepower depending on the engine fitted and has a fuel capacity of 220 liters. Below the waterline, the hull of the Bavaria 39 is made from solid laminate, while above the waterline it is built of Airex-cored sandwich reinforced by glassed-in-hat section frames. To help improve impact resistance, the bow area is reinforced with Kevlar.

Although the Bavaria 39 Cruiser hasn’t been produced in several years, they are nevertheless one of the most sought after vessels for yacht chartering in Turkey and this is largely due to how they hold their excellent condition.

The perfect companion on the ocean

a man sailing bavaria 39S

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Many of the Bavaria 39 Cruisers are used by sailboat chartering companies around the world, as they are always popular with vacationers looking for a skippered or an unmanned cruiser. The ship’s relatively modest size compared to some of the charters available and its low speed makes it an economical choice for anyone looking to charter a sailboat around the Greek Islands, around Croatia or even off the coast of Queensland.

Suitable for all occasions, and fitted with all the modern cons necessary for life on the ocean, the Bavaria 39 is one-of-a-kind and a most sought after boat concerning yacht charter for good reason. For low-fuss luxury, comfortable cruising and the reliability that comes with the Bavaria name, it would be hard to go wrong with the Bavaria 39 for your next sailing adventure.

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