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In need of inspiration, many have found it at sea

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We all have our preferred methods of becoming inspired, whether we do this deliberately or habitually – as long as it results in altered, more creative, heightened, focused and enthused state.
Of course, inspiration is required across the board, regardless of trade or interest, from artists to anglers, lawyers to labourers, we all benefit from it.
What images are conjured up in your mind when you think about becoming inspired? Perhaps a long walk through forests and trails, perhaps certain scenes of iconic movies help to spur your creative side or maybe you prefer something far more rudimentary, alternative and void of any metaphorical bells and whistles – perhaps just sitting in a quiet garden with a cup of tea, enjoying the birds chirping away.
Interestingly, many people, in times gone by and presently, find nothing more emotive, calming and soothing, than being upon the waves. The vehicle is of little importance, from makeshift raft or canoe to grand and luxurious floating hotels and everything in between – there is something incredibly magical, natural, about being at sea.

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The sea offers us whatever we seek, serenity: imagine being able to wake up, alone or with your loved ones, every day within the security of new cove. No noise, no traffic, just calm. Adventure? The seas offer more adventurous excitement than we are capable of imagining. Exploration? Retrace the steps of great explorers, discover nooks and crannies along deserted coastlines wherever your heart desires.
Personally, I can attest to the rejuvenative, rehabilitative potency of spending a few days aboard the deck of a simple sailing yacht, not a soul in sight, bobbing around wherever I feel compelled to anchor. I find that those unique and elusive notions and concepts that once fluttered through my mind, disappearing as quickly as they came, begin to meander back into the forefront of my mind, vivid, as if they had been waiting for me to be in this exact place.
The salty air and almost melodic melody of seagulls afar and the waves gently meeting the bow my vessel, constantly keeping me grounding when my thoughts being to wander back to what I have left on shore. It is without a shadow of a doubt the most meditative and mentally medicinal pastime within my power and I will continue to retreat to the waves as long as I can.
Whether you are in pursuit of new ideas and inspiration, or simply want to just let go – Give the sea an opportunity and you will not regret it.

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