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Nautical Inspired Fashion Favorites

It is a common occurrence that items which are originally created for a practical purpose become an integral part of the most stylish wardrobes.

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Never has this been more evident than in the nautical world and in honor of this long-standing association between sailing and fashion, we’re recapitulating our favorite sailing-inspired fashion favorites.

Breton, C’Est Chic! 

The blue and white Breton striped shirt has been an integral part of the French Naval uniform since the mid-19th century but it was only thanks to the inimitable Coco Chanel that it became a fashionable piece of clothing. Today the humble blue and white shirt are regarded as a timeless piece which has been sported by everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton and its popularity doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime soon.

While this classic shirt will always remind us of leisurely cruising trips along the French Riviera, many fashionistas have demonstrated that it can be easily incorporated into your workwear arsenal. However, it can also complement perfectly current fashion favorites such as the sportswear inspired jacket and the midi skirt.

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Source: MySmallWardrobe

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Source: Con Dos Tacones 

The Jeans from Genoa 

This may come as a surprise to many but the ever-present jeans were originally a sturdy blue-dyed fabric pair of trousers worn by sailors in the Genoese navy and fishermen some 500 years ago.  Nowadays, few of us can imagine not having the perfect pair of jeans (or ten, no judging) to complete our casual weekend outfits.

More than ever, the jeans seem to be having a bit of a moment with different versions ranging from flared to frayed gaining momentum.

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Source: Suburban Faux Pas

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Source: BecomeChic

The Fisherman Sweater 

This sweater originated in Ireland and is in fact also known as the Aran sweater in reference to the Aran Islands where it originated.  This garment was traditionally worn by fishermen because its untreated wool retained the natural oil lanolin and so made it waterproof.

Nowadays, this versatile sweater is not worn only by those who work on boats but by all those who are after a cozy but stylish look.

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Source: Honestly Wtf

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Source: BlogLovin

Ahoy Sailor! 

Nothing reminds us of all things sea more than the sailor bell-bottom trousers with gold buttons. It is often said that this style of trousers was introduced to provide sailors with more flexibility due to the fact that they can be easily rolled up and they can even enhance the wearer’s ability to float in case of emergencies.

Nowadays the bell-bottom or wide-leg trousers are having quite a comeback with many tastemakers incorporating these trousers in their stylish outfits.

ahoy sailor

Source: The Londoner

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Source: Fashion Jackson 

Boat Shoes are Cute Shoes

The boat shoe is the ultimate sailing utilitarian item turned chic. Indeed, the grooved soles of boat shoes are specifically designed to enable the wearer to walk on wet decks without the risk of slipping. Moreover, the shoes’ uppers are constructed out of strong canvas or oiled leather and so are water-resistant.

However, it has to be said that boat shoes are perfectly at home on a yacht and on solid ground. In fact, boat shoes have been donned by several stylish ladies and dapper gentlemen.

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Source: Pink Peonies

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Source: He Spoke Style

The Windbreaker Is Now Cool

The windbreaker is an indispensable item in every sailing enthusiast’s kit and is essential in providing protection against the wind and rain. The windbreaker became a mainstream clothing item during the 1970s with colorful nylon versions becoming a distinctive 1980s and early 1990s element. While many may regard these versions as decidedly passé, it is worth noting that the windbreaker has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately spearheaded by Balenciaga.


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Source: Vogue UK

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