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The sounds of the sea, the marvelous turquoise views captured from the best possible angle and the green landscapes surrounding the seas are just a few reasons why sailing is so mind-bending and irresistible. The endless variety of choices disposed of the water horizons is Book2Sail’s main inspiration. Understanding the profound passion of sailors from all over the world motivated us to do our best in offering the finest boats and yachts at the market.


With so many boats and yachts available for charter, we remain the nr.1 option at a time when you plan the best part of the year – your summer vacation. By rooting the immense need of the adventurist people – the need to get lost far away from the everyday fuss, the need to enrich your senses with the unique experience of sailing on a yacht or a boat that is your very own for the summer holidays – we have created the most perfect search engine that can satisfy even the most crème de la crème taste.

A company that is 100% devoted to your needs, especially when it comes to such a delicate choice – a sailing vehicle for your whole family or a group of friends, can’t leave anything to fortuity.

A perfect yacht charter may not seem that important especially if you are a beginner. But if you ask an experienced sailor, the most probable answer you will get is: chartering a yacht that suits your character, your needs, and your nature is actually the thing that will mold your 2 weeks spent at the breadth of the sea – no matter what your destination is.

24/7 support on boat & yacht charter

Imagining the difficulties that a customer can face on the road to finding the most suitable solution, we have enabled a customer service team that is always available for you, whether by email, phone or an online chat – whichever comforts you best.

A personalized offer, a friendly approach and the best advice that will help you choose your nook at the sea: all of these are available in just a few simple steps that will make your search for the perfect boat rental feel like your vacation has already begun.

No matter what issues you confront while you explore the huge number of yachts and boats available for charter, our friendly support team will make sure you will be fully satisfied.

yacht charter book2sail

Understanding the sailing adventurers and their needs is the biggest advantage our empathetic team of professionals possesses: this way, you can be fully relaxed and simply state your wishes and your budget, and the rest of the process can be left up to us.

With such an user-friendly interface and numerous yachts and boats available at the best prices, can you even wish for something more?

The top list of sailing destinations is another point you will be left speechless about. The top sailor’s choices that have been attractive hundreds of years ago when sailing had a totally different perspective are, as you can imagine, improved to a point where a two-week sail just won’t be enough and you will most likely want to come over again. Imagining yourself at a luxury motorboat, a glittering yacht, a catamaran, sailboat or whichever choice you have decided for will definitely be a small part of what your actual sailing trip will look like. Cherishing the wonderful sailing moments spent at the sea is something that makes our company slowly reaching the top of the market.

Things to consider before you rent a boat

Choosing the engine you are about to use for your summer adventure depends mostly on your activities. Understanding the needs and the possible water activities sailors enjoy, we have managed to offer a wide range of boats and yachts available for charter. Ranging from smaller motorboats, catamarans, power boats, motor yachts, and various luxury yachts – we have gathered it all in one simple search engine that suits any wishes and most importantly – any budget. Available at the most reasonable prices, all of our vehicles come captained or bareboat, whichever you prefer more.

What matters more is your choice for spending a day, few days or your whole holiday on the water. If you were thinking about the advantages of each of our listed boats and yachts available for charter, you would probably come in handy some more information about them. For example, if you plan on spending your summer sailing around with a small group of friends, you will most likely want to choose a smaller sailboat that suits 8-10 people and offer an inboard or outboard engine that will help you move when the winds aren’t helping you.

charter a yacht book2sail

Imagining a boat that small is usually associated with simple design. Still, many of the boats available for chartering are made for long boat trips and furnished much alike the luxurious ones that come at a bigger price. Enjoying the life on the water with a bit more sophisticated taste will probably be a reason good enough for you to choose a motor yacht and fulfill your dreams of a perfect vacation ever. Ranging from 40 to 100 feet long, here you can charter a yacht that will suit all of your crew just like you have dreamed of. The cozy accommodation space inside the yacht is equipped with almost anything you would need for a perfect water trip: some walk-in closets, full-sized windows, quarters for the crew and a perfect lounge area that will allow you feel like a star.

Our professional team that constantly analyzes the customers’ needs and their feedback after getting back from the trip found a solution for those of you interested in sailing at a more intimate atmosphere. The best choice for sailing for a couple or a smaller group of friends is one of the catamarans ready to charter at your call.
If you are worried about bad weather, heavy winds and the difficulty of maneuvering the boat – once again, a catamaran would be a great choice. Preparing yourself to set sail relaxed and worry-free at the most affordable prices has become easier than you taught.

Fan of a bit more adrenalin? Chartering a power boat would be the perfect choice for you. The speed, the power and the easy simple design of our power boats are just flawless for an adventuristic sailing at your chosen destination while feeling totally comfy enjoying the splendid sea space around you.

Consider chartering a yacht? Here are few useful tips:

A totally new experience that you never even imagined that big would be choosing a luxury yacht that will mold your upcoming vacation at a perfect form and leave you with the best of memories. Imagining a perfect surrounding, the amenities equal to those of the luxurious resorts set on some idyllic island – maybe even better. The charter rate usually includes foods and drinks as well as many activities that have only one single purpose: to make your trip memorable.

When thinking about the yacht, probably your biggest dilemma would be the choice between a luxury sailing yacht and a motor yacht. Once again – your needs come first. The amenities that our sailing luxury yachts offer much more than sailing: various social activities, unforgettable parties or simply lounging out on the deck of the yachts.

rent a yacht book2sail

If you prefer a yacht that will offer you stability over luxury, choosing a motor yacht would be just perfect. The motor yachts available for chartering are going to offer you an unimaginable life aboard that can be akin to a 5-star hotel at the most attractive destinations worldwide. Your own hotel on a water will offer you a great time on board even for a larger group of friends, family or conjoins and allow you enough comfort for you to totally relax while hopping on and off some great sailing destinations.

Whether it is your very first charter, or you are a more experienced professional – choosing a vessel for sightseeing the picturesque destinations our company offers shouldn’t be a time and energy consuming task. However, as we totally understand your needs and doubts before chartering a water vehicle even for a day, we have designed the easiest platform that will help you make up your mind and choose the vessel you wish for against your allocated budget.

Our top destinations for sailing

For us, there is no boat too small or too big, no yacht too simple or too luxurious and no destination unreachable. When thinking about designing the undoubtedly best sailing experience, we have managed to make access to the top world destinations any sailor wishes for.

The home of our company, the attractive island of Malta gained lots of attention in the sailing world the past years. Boating or yachting around the island, visiting the other two islands of the archipelago is set in the heart of the Mediterranean couldn’t be done better than on a sailing vehicle. By offering numerous choices available for chartering, we aim to introduce the best of these islands in one trip. Taking a close-up look at the best attractions of Malta, Gozo and Comino is made available at prices starting from 60 euros.

sailing croatia

Hundreds of yachts and boats anchored in the wonderful Croatia are accessible for you to charter and explore the endless beauties of the Adriatic. Getting the chance to see the sights of Croatia with over one thousand islands from the heart of the clearest crystal waters is reachable in only a few steps. It is not by chance that Croatia is the favorite destination of the old sailors for centuries now. There can be no better way to find out why than discovering the beauties of Croatia from the heart of the Adriatic sea.

sailing turkey

What about the turquoise Turkish Riviera? The various kinds of motorboats, yachts, and gullets start can be very yours for the summer vacation in only a few simple steps. Anchoring at the numerous ports at your choice and tasting the perfect traditional cuisine of Turkey would add an, even more, charming atmosphere to your unforgettable voyage. Numerous boating and yachting options are available with the only purpose: to make your trip as ideal as it can be.

sailing italy

Not to forget the mind-blowing Italy along with the rustic charms of Tuscany, the Capri and Amalfi coasts, Sicily… Sailing on a yacht while enjoying the adorable taste of the Italian wine along with a perfect sightseeing of the Italian attractions is now made easy, as Italy is one of our top destinations each year.

We haven’t forgotten about the crossroad between Europe and Africa, neither. Sailing in Spain – the destination full of character, attractive sandy beaches and gorgeous marinas can be your unique experience in few simple steps. Sightseeing the bluest seas and the cliffside beaches surrounded with stunning architecture that can be found in no other place on Earth will turn your sailing in Spain into a long-cherished experience.

sailing greece

At last, sailing at the Greek islands and the coastline that goes over 150000 kilometers is another impeccable choice made available at your call. The perfect Mediterranean atmosphere, the idyllic islands, and the warm Greek hospitability will make you want coming back here more than once. Various sailing boats, yachts, and many other vessels ready to chart will be waiting for you anchored at some of the most popular anchorage points of the wonderful Greece.

Now that you know where to search and what to expect, you can freely start looking for the boat or a yacht that will transform your vacation into a pleasant experience from the mere start till you come back home with a whole lot of memories and beautiful stories to tell about throughout the year.

All In all – whether you are in search for a cocktail party on board, activities such as diving, a unique dining atmosphere, fishing or any other activities that you plan on while sailing at the most desirable destinations worldwide – Book2Sail has the right choice for you.

Bon Voyage!