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A 16-Year-Old Girl’s Solo Sail Around the World

We’ve already expressed our complete admiration for Laura Dekker in this article here.  And then we found this awesome video clip about her, so obviously we had to share it.
In case you haven’t already read our previous article featuring this incredible mariner, here’s a little overview. In 2012, Laura became the youngest person to circumnavigate (that is, to sail around) the globe single-handedly in 518 days at the age of 16. Prior to the commencement of her trip, Laura faced considerable legal difficulties since Dutch authorities deemed her too young to conduct a trip of such magnitude on her own. Approval was finally granted in the summer of 2010 and Laura set sail shortly after. Her trip was initially met with skepticism from exponents in the sailing world but as her journey progressed approval increased.

This short video clip is an extract from a documentary shot by filmmaker Jillian Schlesinger and gives us a glimpse of this record-breaking journey. Laura describes sailing across the Pacific as “the most beautiful sail I’ve ever had” and highlighted how her parents had completed the same exact journey 20 years before. In fact, throughout her journey, Laura was continuously referring to her parents’ logbook to compare vital details, such as wind speed. She was also fascinated by the beautiful photos that they took of various Pacific Islands, which served to fuel even further her determination to complete this journey. In fact, Laura visits these spectacular islands during her journey and luckily for us we get to see some incredible footage from her explorations.
This video clip provides a candid insight into this once in a lifetime experience that Laura incredibly completed at such a young age. It takes passion, discipline, and sheer determination to complete an endeavor of this type and it doubtlessly serves as an inspiration for us all to pursue further our dreams.

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